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Uehara and Nao

Uehara and Nao

I found Good Morning Call by random and decided to read it. Usually, when I read a manga, I can decide whether I should continue or not by the first ten chapters. And I have to say, I stuck to this manga until the end. I believe it took me 4 days to finish this but it’s a good read nevertheless. I sort-of recommend it since it has a way of starting and ending chapters in a hooking way. The characters and how they are related to each other is interesting and nicely done.

The plot is simple- slice of life with a couple of things here and there that lasts longer than one chapter. Overall, the plot is not what hooked me. I don’t know what did actually. It’s probably all those cute clothes and the intriguing start of the manga. All the minor characters are kept minor throughout most of the manga so I like that even though I love Yuri (the main character’s brother’s wife or sister-in-law) more than the two mains combined. The minor and major characters are very normal and yet interesting in their own way. Although most of the males look too similar for comfort, I enjoy their roles in the story nevertheless.

However, I do have a complain against this manga. Unlike my favorite slice of life manga Bokura ga Ita (I can never stop praising this manga can’t I?), I can say that I hated the main couple Uehara and Nao after they got together. It’s so odd. I like them together back when they didn’t like each other and such but the minute they get together, they are so awful. There are even chapters dedicated to why they are not compatible, which irked me because I notice this long before. Uehara makes a terrible boyfriend to Nao because he’s unable to say sweet things most of the time and is so cold to her. That’s part of his personality and it just doesn’t work with Nao, who likes to lie too often for comfort. It’s like bad neverending cycle between these two- one chapter they seem to get closer and then the next totally dismisses it.

Sorry to diss the main couple of the manga but that is how I feel. There are times I wish Nao will get together with some other male for a bit in order for us to see just how more compatible she is with a different guy rather than Uehara. I love both Nao and Uehara as characters, but not when they are together. Nao is too weak around Uehara and he’s simply too cold-hearted most of the time. There are times I question if Uehara really loves her. It doesn’t Unlike Bokura ga Ita where they have obstacles in the way that stop their relationship from working but forces them closer, the obstacles in this manga just prove to me WHY they shouldn’t be together. It got repetitive and annoying. A lot of the situations are not realistic at all.

I might be too hard on this manga but I guess this is what happens after Bokura ga Ita. Anyways, besides the unrealistic relationship, I like almost everything else. I like the minor characters and how they are related to the story. I like a couple of situations that are realistic. There are a couple that are questionable and are solved too easily. A lot of relationship problems are solved way too fast and swift as well. For those of you who are not too hard on the romance but like other slice-of-life stuff, I recommend this. If you’ve been in a relationship like me or read Bokura ga Ita, the romance part of this anime is a big let down. Still, it’s entertaining for other reasons I guess? 😛