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Happy Halloween Everyone! I got a bag full of candy trick-o-treating with my younger sister Michelle. Right now, I am typing up a Sheelos one-shot as well as Chapter 11 of GG. I know it’s coming slow but I am trying my hardest to finish everything! Also, for all writers, please participate in the National Novel Writing Month from Nov. 1st to Nov 30th! I’ll beĀ entering for fun. Because a chapter of GG is usually 14,000-15,000 words a chapter, I can easily finish 50,000 words by 13 days. The only problem is which story should I write? Hohiho, Spirits 2, Spirits Before Time, My Governess, or Perfect Husband? So many choices.

The rage is on! Bring it!

The rage is on! Bring it!

Skip Beat Episode 4 is a pretty decent episode. It is one of those build-up episodes. Anyways, moving on…

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