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To Minnie’s Readers:


For NaNoWriMo, I’ve decided to write an ambitious story call “Rose-Colored Glasses”. This name and the story are experimental. I’ve been thinking of a title with the word “microscope” in it but I have yet to think of one. This prologue will confuse many of you guys at first but I can assure you it is resolved by the end. I’ve told my other writing friends about my project and they all call me “gutsy” for attempting this. But I love a challenge and I will try to write this as best as I can. It’s probably my most unique work because I am writing this story blindly without any outline, preparation, etc. Judging from the structure of the work itself, if I ever rewrite this story, I will make sure to make an outline and glue all the pieces together. Also, because I have no idea where the heck this is going (only some clues), any advice is welcome! Please? In conclusion, please enjoy Rose-Colored Glasses Prologue.

Ren is interested in women with broken ankles?

Ren is interested in women with broken ankles?

Skip Beat Episode 5 is the best episode yet! I love it to bits because of the characterization and how the story is moving toward an interesting arc. Overall, Ren and Kyoko rock in this episode because of various reasons…

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