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To Minnie’s Readers:

New Bishie Kelpie has emerged from the depths of the fountain to propose to Lydia

New Bishie Kelpie has emerged from the depths of the fountain to propose to Lydia

Hakushaku to Yousei or Earl and Fairy Episode 5 raw is out. For fans, you can expect the subs to be out by Saturday or Sunday. Remember the most exciting episode of the season in Episode 4? Sources say that Episode 4 is actually the end of Volume 1. It makes sense now why the episode is so climatic. However, sources also say that Episode 5 is the beginning of Volume 3. What happen to Volume 2? From my prediction, because the anime is selling this show off it’s reverse-harem aspect, Volume 2 has an important female character that they completely eliminated off the anime version so as not to complicate the reverse harem aspect. That’s my guess at least.  

In any case, based off the raw, there is one thing all the fangirls can look forward to- Kelpie. The water horse fairy finally makes his appearance and I expected as much. However, I did not expect him to be the love rival against Edgar for Lydia. Even without subtitles, it is as plain as daylight this (fairy?) man knows he wants Lydia and he is willing to do what it takes to accomplish this. Already, from four episodes, there’s been an uneven split between Edgar/Lydia fans and Raven/Lydia fans. I am guessing that it’s 75% Edgar/Lydia, 20% Raven/Lydia, and 5% Edgar/Raven at this point. How much more can the fanbase be divided before the flame wars start? To add to this mess, here is a fourth bishie under the name of Paul, who seems to be the nice, chivalric nobleman that never gets the girl. Will he be in this reverse harem too? I am interested in how the fanbase split between Edgar, Raven, Kelpie, and Paul for Lydia. But from what I notice so far, this split is similar to that of Ouran High School Host Club. Edgar/Lydia as the equivalent of Tamaki/Haruhi with Kelpie/Lydia as the equivalent of Hikaru/Haruhi. It helps a lot that Edgar has the same appearance as Tamaki! Lydia’s as likeable as Haruhi too. Now, if only we add Nico(the cat)/Lydia to the fray.

Most likely the main love triangle- Edgar vs Kelpie for Lydia

Most likely the main love triangle- Edgar vs Kelpie for Lydia

After all this rant, you’ll dying to know my support right? I am a proud Lydia/Edgar fan. I refuse to sway to Kelpie/Lydia despite them making such a hot fanart couple. >_< Too hot actually. Anyways, I am hoping this show doesn’t have a large yaoi fanbase but I can definitely see it happening with Edgar/all the other males. Now, I’m just curious how Ermine plays into all this. I’ve seen her in shots with both Kelpie and Edgar before. If my writer senses are correct, Ermine will go into play as the love interest for Edgar and might end up with Kelpie. Maybe. If anyone want my massive screen shots of Lydia, send me a message. I have collected 102 pics of Lydia so far… so I don’t mind… sharing…

On to NaNoWriMo! I’ve been really sick lately and thanks to the amounts of animes I have to review and all the chores/schoolwork I need to do, I’ve been behind in my typing. I have accomplished 14,000 words so far out of 50,000 words. If only I add my Hakushaku Episode 4 blog entry! That’ll make it 17,000 words! Rose-Colored Glasses Chapter 1 is here and well, I must say that I like writing the first half a lot because it’s very quick and easy for me. The second half I also like because it’s exciting and more modern. However, I have a harder time writing the second half because well, I’m a bit slow nowadays.

Copyright: Jacqueline Reyna belongs to Koala aka Garrick. I exaggerate and change her personality a tad. She does not belong to me alone. However, Leonardo Ferraro I can safely say 99% belong to me so yeah. 😛 Carolyn, Nani, and Sacha all belong to me so I’m also safe there. 🙂

           -Minnie   earlandfairyep01edgar03

P.S. For anyone who is interested in doing blog entries for 1/2 fall anime season this year, please contact me with a comment or e-mail at Potter29vo@yahoo.com. OMG RAWR always needs more members.