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To Minnie’s Readers,


Ouran High School Host Club Chapter 65

Even though I read this chapter a few days ago, I remember a bit of the details. I’ll give a quick summary. The Host Club are at it again with horseback riding this time as the activity! These days, it seems like Tamaki is really down about something, which turns out to be what Hikaru said to him from the earlier chapter about them being a family but not really. I bet he’s still figuring out about his feelings for Haruhi. Even though he is spacing out and such, the girls find him very mature and go kawaii over him like always. Haruhi reverts sort of to her old self. I dont know what the heck Haruhi is doing. XD One minute, she’s energetic and then the next, she’s back to apathy.

However, the chapter is really about this new girl who just transferred into Ouran because of her parents fighting and getting a divorced. I don’t remember her name but she looks exactly like Haruhi and she acts like the perfect submissive Haruhi in Tamaki’s head. The reason why she’s always with Tamaki in school is because he saves her during an incident with a frightened horse which causes him to be unable to move his left shoulder. She’s paying him back by caring for him and supporting him.

The chapter ends with Tamaki and the new girl talking when Haruhi passes by with a large amount of books. She drops them and Tamaki quickly helps her pick them up. Tamaki notices that he and Haruhi have few things in common and this makes Haruhi angry. Haruhi is jealous/bitter now because of this observation and runs off, leaving one book behind. As nice as always, Tamaki picks up the book and chases after Haruhi, only to be caught by the new girl. It is then that she confesses her feelings for Tamaki and asks him out! What will he say? This is reminiscent of the Hikaru confessing scene. We all know that Haruhi will not accept Hikaru but we feel the anticipation anyways. I hope they update soon! Next month come already!

Naruto Chapter 424

The biggest news is that Kakashi is NOT dead even though he looks like it at first. They don’t explain why exactly though. Choji’s father Chozu is dead however. He sacrificed his life to protect Choji. That’s sad. Since Kakashi entrusted information with Choji, he saves the boy with the last of his strength. As Kakashi makes his last dying wish, he is growing weaker and weaker… and again, we are left with a cliffhanger of a chapter. The same question as last week: Will Kakashi die from a different reason? Read the next chapter of Naruto to find out! 

Nana Chapter 78-2

Besides Fruits Basket, Nana is my favorite chapter and after all that wait, it’s updated! But what’s this? It’s not Chapter 79 but 78 part two? Who cares. I love Nana and I want to see what happens…

Oh God. I should have brought a box of tissue with me while reading this chapter. I knew I should have. I don’t even know if I can type this summary correctly because the chapter itself is powerful. If you’re a fan, you should go read the chapter… NOW. In summary (I must type), Ren really is dead. There’s no hope left. Even Yasu, who had a flicker of hope that the dead body is not Ren’s, lost that hope by the end of the chapter. The people who confirmed his body are no other than the boy who once admired him Nobu and the leader of his band Takumi. His hands are left in perfect condition, unlike the rest of his body.

This chapter, two people found out about Ren’s death- Nana and Reira. The reader is able to see Reira’s reaction quite well. She is screaming and wanting to see Ren’s face in the hospital. While Nana, we do not see how she reacts to the death of the most precious one to her. All we get are her last bits of dialogue:

“Pursuing Ren’s receding figure, I never stopped running every day. Year 2002, 4th of March, on the last night of my 20th year of existence… time stopped moving for me.”

RIP Ren for sure now. I will never forget what an awesome character you are… thank you. Now, I will sadly await the next chapter, hoping for the best. There’s only optimism at this point.

Bakuman 13

If there is one thing Bakuman is the master of, it is ending each chapter on a high note. Chapter 13 is no different. There is a reason why I love the author+artist collab of Death Note and Bakuman. There is no such thing as a filler chapter. Every chapter builds up the plot. I like that a lot. This chapter did it quite well by showing us a bit more of Eiji’s character right off the bat. I don’t like his character design or his personality but I admit that it fits him too well. Anyways, he’s writing a 50-page one-shot and it’s scary at how fast he can work on them. Manga is his life indeed. Anyways, our two awesome heroes will be going against Eiji in Akamura Jump next chapter. I won’t summarize everything before that because there are a lot of terminology and a lot of information that I feel is best if you guys read it yourself. I’m just going to say one thing: Takagi and Miyoshi are officially dating and went on one for Christmas. Aww much?

To tell you the truth, guys, I’m an anime-fan, not a manga-fan. I only read mangas that either continue after the anime is over or hasn’t had a good anime adaptation yet. But hopefully, I will pick more up in the future! Recommendations are always welcome~ Love you all!

         -Minnie haruhi