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To Minnie’s Readers:

Guy Cecil... our latest party member!

Guy Cecil... our latest party member!

First of all, I must inform my readers about the brand new anime blog’s title! It’s no longer OMG Anime. Now, it’s Hey, Say, Anime! because Koala and I are not the only bloggers there anymore. With the addition of three new writers, we are ever growing to become a more well-known anime blog. At the moment, I’m trying to get free hosting for our blog but it might not be successful. We’ll see. In any case, Hey, Say Anime! is presented with a theme every new anime season. Our theme this fall season is none other than… Tales of the Abyss! I am Natalia and Koala is Tear. The other members of our current “party” are Ric (Anise), Saime (Jade), and our newest member Angel (Guy).

In need of a Luke...

In need of a Luke...

As expected, our team won’t be complete without a Luke, an Ion, and an Asch.  Yes, we are looking for more writers for our blog. If we have to expand it past those, we will have to make due with God-Generals. But as of now, we want writers we can trust which means people we actually know, not just random people on the Internet. Even though we are searching for people who can blog the fall season specifically, we don’t mind others who can review older animes, do manga recommendations, or do a “Anime of the Week” blog. I would like more people who are good with graphics specifically…

Please comment on this post if interested. Go to Hey, Say, Anime! to check the website out! 🙂

Why have I been asleep for my writing?

Why have I been asleep on my writing?

Now, for the real news, my writing. I am almost done with Gorgeous Geek Chapter 12 but I haven’t gotten around to finishing it yet because of procastination. I am halfway done with Chapter 2 of Rose-Colored Glasses but I am lacking inspiration to finish it because well, I don’t work well without an outline. But speaking of Outlines, I am actually… finishing up my outline for Honey Pie. Remember how I said that Gorgeous Geek is the one I’m writing temporarily because I’m not done figuring out Honey Pie? I am done with that now. For the real question, where should I stop on Gorgeous Geek to start on Honey Pie? Should I work on both at the same time after NaNoWriMo is over? What should I do? ^^;;

For those of you who have been wondering about Honey Pie and how the narration style will go, I figure it out. The first character who will be narrating Part I will be… Cookie Yuan! Yes, the younger sister of Teddy Yuan and half-sister of Jamie Yuan. Why Cookie? Because Part I in her narration will open up a lot for the other parts. Right now, I am estimating 4 parts- 10 chapters each. 40-chapter story. Of course, I won’t reveal who the other narrators are until later. That’s the update! I’ll write the first chapter of Honey Pie soon!

Lastly, I might be absent for a while thanks to: Tales of Symphonia 2- Dawn of the New World! ^_^

             -Minnie everybody