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To Minnie’s Readers,

The Kuran family I assume? ^^

The Kuran family I assume? ^^

Sorry guys! I don’t have a lot of time to update this website with all the work I’ve been busy with lately. Anyways, I got around to read Vampire Knight’s latest chapter. And well, it’s confusing yet rewarding. Because of that chapter, we get to know more about what the Chairman is up to. It seems like he will do literally anything to protect the school, especially the Night Class, including going against the Hunter Association he once belonged to. I am glad to find that annoying leader of the Hunter Association crazy… I mean you will accept blood from a pureblood in exchange for power and such? Insane stuff I tell you. I didn’t see this coming since I didn’t care about him much.

As for Kaname, he’s been depicted in a better light this chapter I think. I mean… he’s destroying that Senior Council for the sake of the vampires he cares about. All this political stuff gives me a headache but I’m cheering Kaname on nevertheless. As for Zero, I think something’s getting to his head at this point. With this new power to defeat Purebloods, he declares that he wants to kill all Purebloods, including Yuuki? Sigh. I really see no way for a Zero/Yuuki ending at this point, which I’ve been in denial for quite some time…

Another confusing, yet developing chapter for Vampire Knight. I also read Bakuman and I must say, that manga is developing very well, as expected of the creators of Death Note and all. I love the characters but I still have a hard time remembering their names. Is that bad? XD

             -Minnie light3