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To Gorgeous Geek Fans:
Yes, time for Minnie's Bokura Ga Ita Chapter Rants again!

Yes, time for Minnie's Bokura ga Ita chapter rants again!

The long overdue Chapter 12 is here. I am very dissatisfied with this chapter because well, I plan like 2-3 scenes for Chapter 12 that… didn’t make it because the chapter got really long. Instead, I’m postponing it to Chapter 13 (this is messing my outline by one chapter) and calling tha chapter The Beauties vs The Brainies Part II. I know it sucks but you guys have to deal with this build-up chapter until I get myself enough motivation to type Chapter 13. I’m actually writing Honey Pie Chapter 2 as we speak because I feel like it. XD Motivation went to that story instead for some reason…

Now, for the Bokura Ga Ita Chapter 45 review, I must say that I am still sort of upset over what I know will happen in Chapter 50 (it’s not translated yet). Despite knowing what will happen in Chapter 50, I am enjoying every bit of Chapter 45. I literally love every single panel of this manga and it is my third favorite manga of all time after Fruits Basket and NANA. Anyways, this chapter is very depressing like every single chapter after the first arc. I’ll give a quick summary. Aki sees Yano’s first name Motoharu on a business card of this small company that’s collaborating with hers. However, it’s a different last name so she’s not so sure until she meets the guy herself. While Aki’s waiting in his office, he appears and although we don’t get to see his face, we know it’s Yano. Once Aki is back in her own office, she tells Nana-chan the news about Yano and asks her if she wants to come with Aki to visit Yano at the next business meeting.

The answer? No. Nana-chan has matured a lot since 5 years ago. She’s not selfish and wishy-washy as she was before anymore. Because Yano chooses to cut all contact with her, she will not overturn his decision. It’s heartbreaking when she’s literally crying while she says those words. After everything, she still loves Yano. And we learn that Yano still loves her as well. But the thing is for whatever reason he wants to crush their promise by betraying her and crushing her trust in him. How? By living with… Yuri… Yes, I know. This is where everyone goes “I HATE YANOOO DIE BASTARD! NANA DESERVES TAKE MOREEEE!” I must remind you guys that the same reaction is true 10 chapters ago and it turns out that Yano has his reasons. Most of you might not have forgiven him but I have. From now on, I will place my trust in Yano and his decisions in regards to Nana-chan. I don’t know how but Yano is living with Yuri BECAUSE he loves Nana. Watch. 😛 I know I’m right. Oh, and that talk between Nana and Aki later is touching as well. I love Aki too!

Last note: Yano x Nana-chan forever~~ I don’t care what anyone else thinks. ^^;;

             -Minnie bgi22nanachan4v2gx8