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To Minnie’s Readers:

Is there a girl alive that can resist Edward Cullen on the big screen?

Is there a girl alive that can resist Edward Cullen on the big screen?

What is there to say? I watched Twilight on Saturday with my younger sister and brother plus two cousins. The only reason why I’m watching it is because my little sister begged me to see it. I come in blank, not knowing the story or the characters. My brother doesn’t look forward to it at all. But when I watched it, I am pleasantly surprised. Why didn’t anyone tell me it’s such a chick flick… with vampires?

Anyways, I am one for romance. I really am. I write romantic fanfiction. I put hints of romance in my stories. I specialize in seeking romance in anything I watch. But why does the romance in this film feel so… awkward and forced to me? I don’t know if the book is any different but I don’t really like all the time and effort they put into romance in this film. I went in, expecting action not a girl falling in love with a hunk that turns out to be a vampire! XD Did I just ruin the whole film for you? Haha. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but sometimes, I feel the romance is too much even for a romance addict like me.

In conclusion, Twilight is fun. I would watch it again (for free). And I like it enough to go out and buy the books. But we all know the real reason why most girls are watching this movie in the first place right? Edward Cullen. Can someone be more of a hunk than him? Man, that guy is like oozing with manliness. So yeah, if I am to rate this move based off my inner fangirl, it’s a 9 or a 10. However, my feminism side is always there and I dislike Bella Swan to a degree. Sure, I don’t hate her, but where is the personality? The quirks? The originality? The awesome dialogue? Where is anything at all? My brother and I made a joke that the reason why Edward can’t read her thoughts is because she doesn’t think in the first place. Makes sense no? So yes, my feminism will actually rate this movie a five because the heroine and the story feels awkward. Yup yup.

I always feel sad whenever I see a pic of Ren now...

I always feel sad whenever I see a pic of Ren now...

Nana Chapter 79 like all the other Nana chapters is a work of art. Pure genius in itself. Not only does the mangaka cleverly switches to the future to demonstrate how easier it is on the heart once death has long past but she also parallels it so well to the present where Ren is indeed dead. There is not much to say about this chapter but it’s really hard on the heart as usual. My favorite scene has to be when they ask Nana O for her opinion on whether to take the first flight or drive there. Nana’s answer is that she has an important meeting tomorrow so why are they forcing her to do this? Wow. Just wow. That is good writing right there. It is on par with the Sylvia scene in dealing with her mother’s death in New Era. She just waits there… continues to wait there because as long as she waits, Mother is never truly gone. I love scenes like this so much! ^_^ Now, I’m depressed to remember that Caramel scene on top of the roof, searching for Theresa…

Anyhoo, the next chapter won’t be here in a while but it’s going to hurt more if anything. I look forward to the next Nana update!

                -Minnie hachiko