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To Minnie’s Readers:

Why is Shujin and Miyoshi fighting?! Am I reading the right chapter?!

Why is Shujin and Miyoshi fighting?! Am I reading the right chapter?!

Bakuman proves itself to be a very addicting and enjoyable manga to read. From now on, I’m writing summaries and thoughts for Bakuman, Bokura ga Ita, NANA, Lovely Complex, Koukou Debut, and Ouran Host Club on Hey, Say, Anime! To continue reading my review on Bakuman Chapter 17, go here.

For latest announcements on my story, I’m happy to say that a couple of people have inspired me to write a very short story call After Sweet Heart. The equivalent of this would be a one-shot collection in the fanfiction world. I have started writing a one-shot already earlier in the year and it will probably end up being the first chapter of After Sweet Heart. The title is inspired from CLANNAD: After Story. 🙂 Other than this, I am still outlining and writing Honey Pie secretly. Gorgeous Geek really doesn’t have a solid storyline since it’s pretty much slife-of-life material so I will update that whenever I have time. I also almost done with Spirits New Era Chapter 2: Fourth Draft.I don’t know how I manage to write all this, keep up with work, blogging, and gaming but somehow, I do. With not enough sleep that is. 😛 So yeah, look forward to more Sweet Heart goodness in the future!

The following images credit go to Marissa who is starting to use GIMP (2 shippings per story):


Like I promised- here is the Caresa quote for you Marissa ( 😛 ):

Caramel: Wishes are more beautiful than goals because they are impossible to achieve huh?
Theresa: *looks up at the stars* I don’t remember when exactly but at one point in my life, I wished I could pluck the stars from the sky and hold them in the palm of my hand…
Caramel: I still wish that sometimes…
Theresa: Carey…
Caramel: But then, I thought carefully… after I manage to pluck the stars from the sky and gaze at them for a while, what will I do afterwards?


Like I promised, here is the KJamie quote for you Marissa ( 😛 again):

KT: Is that why you’re here? You long to be on a plane?
Jamie:  It is also nice and quiet here.
KT: True. Is that the only reason why you’re here Crystal? You seem to be waiting…
Jamie: Yes. I am waiting.
KT: You’re waiting for someone to arrive?
Jamie: No. I am waiting for something to happen.
KT: What is that supposed to mean?
Jamie: I feel like something will happen if I come here. I met you again. I guess something did happen after all.


Again, the conversation you wanted along with this picture Marissa:

Jezebelle: I’m Jezebelle Phoebe Tilly. Have you forgotten already darling? As long as it’s fine in my world, I don’t care about much else. I’m not lying. I’m improving.
Jin: What color is the sky then Fi?
Jezebelle: Let’s see. Green.
Jin: Lime green or forest green?
Jezebelle: Velvet green, my dear.
Jin: But it’s still pretty right?
Jezebelle: Yeah, it’s still pretty.
Jin: Then, that’s what matters.


Sorry, Marissa, I can’t include all those quotes but I can put the latest conversation:

Kristian: During that fifth period, I insulted Mr. Nelson so bad that he kept the entire class after the bell rang. You were so angry with me… so angry that you waited after class to speak to me. You said and I quote, ‘I swear you’re born to make me miserable! I hate people like you!’.
Rin: I did say that. I was so angry. I never thought I would hate someone so much until I met you and then later Alejandro.
Kristian: I thought it was romantic. I would marry the girl who tells me that she’s born to get on my nerves. I want to marry someone who is born just to meet me and go out of her way to bring me misfortune. There’s something very fun at the idea of it.
Rin: I said it out of spite you know.
Kristian: It didn’t work on me did it?
Rin: I guess not.
Kristian: The irony.
Rin: Yes, I’ve noticed you didn’t say anything in return though. Then, what were your first words to me? You have such a good memory and all.
Kristian: I didn’t have a reply at the time so I thought of one the following day. I found you before first period and said something like, ‘Unlike you, I know for sure you’re born just to say that line to me’.

The following are from Honey Pie Chapter 1/2 and since Marissa already read them, it’s not spoiling for her but it might be spoiling for everyone else! BE WARNED:


Your requested conversation again Marissa. Be happy will you? XD :

Loni: But this stuff isn’t so good anymore. *throws cigarette away* It’s not like I’m addicted anyways. I’m looking for something stronger… something more addicting.
Coco: Good luck with that. I’ll be on my way now. Thanks for keeping me company and-
Loni: *grabs Coco’s arm* Become my drug.
Coco: What did you say?
Loni: I hear love’s addicting. So… become my drug, Coco.


Because you are probably the only JaeMich fan I know Marissa, I will give you a future quote:

Jae: Let’s say we’re in love right?
Michie: Right!
Jae: Let’s say Grandfather doesn’t accept us as lovers because he’s so conservative. It can happen right?
Michie: I can see that happening. Grandfather is very strict.
Jae: Cool. Let’s say Grandfather wants to throw me out of the family and-
Michie: Grandfather will never do that.
Jae: Wait a second!
Michie: Because Grandfather believes in good people and Jae is definitely not a bad person. If Grandfather has to throw one of us out of the family, I will rather leave than Jae because it cannot possibly be Jae’s fault that I’ve fallen in love with him right?

My comments: I’m amused that you used the older photographs for the SH characters. I’m assuming you like the more mature SH pictures? I’m also amused that you pick the nice girl pic of Jezebelle that I threw out after changing her personality around. So far, 3/6 of yours are canon (KJamie, Caresa, and LoCoco). Let’s see how you do with the other three pairings. JaeMich is a stretch though. Lmao. Thanks for the time and effort! ❤