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To Minnie’s Readers:
The results are in and the shocker is not Lucas snatching first but Aesa sitting at third!

The shocker is not Lucas snatching first but childlike Aesa Spirits sitting at third!

The poll results are in. After I deleted the options that received zero votes, I’m getting interesting numbers.

For the Main Character Poll:
Lucas Yeung 16.28%
Roseanna Roupeez/Rin Hamada 11.63%
Aesa Xieng 9.3%
Rebecca Law/Jezebelle Tilly/KT Shiratori/Locke Xieng 6.98%

For Villain Poll:
Xach Roupeez/Jezebelle Tilly 25%
Quinn Darington/Rogelio Roupeez 16.67%
Brian Xieng 12.5%

The percentages say that the villains beat the heroes. However, there were more options in the hero poll. In the end, if I were to count votes not percentages, the ranking are as follows:

1) Lucas Yeung
2) Xach Roupeez/Jezebelle Tilly
3) Roseanna Roupeez/Rin Hamada
4) Quinn Darington/Rogelio Roupeez/Aesa Spirits 

There are a lot of statistics I can get from this alone. First of all, 4 out of 8 are girls. The ratio between favorite characters are 50:50 between genders.  Now, let’s look at age. Xach, Rogelio, and Quinn are over 20. Lucas, Roseanna, Rin, Aesa, and Jezebelle are under 20. The ratio is different here. It seems like younger characters are preferred. However, this is not too accurate because Roseanna can be considered “old”. The ratio is not too bad here either. Third, there is also an equal ratio between villains and heroes. 4 out of 8 are out of the villain poll. Jezebelle’s popularity in the villain poll is very interesting. She got twice the amount of votes in the villain poll compared to the hero poll. Another interesting thing to note is the popularity of these characters as a whole. What do most of them have in common?

They are gray characters! What do I mean by gray characters? It means they are neither good or evil. For example, a lot of people including a certain close friend of mine name Koala questions Roseanna’s role as a main character. She is very villainous for a main character. Others question her half-brother Rogelio as the main villain. He doesn’t act like a villain. He adopts children. He gives money to the poor. He is a total gentleman with polite manners. What gives? This can be said about Lucas, who is debatable whether he belongs. He has traits of both a villain, a hero, and an anti-hero. Xach is in the same mold as Lucas. Jezebelle and Quinn are closer in role play than the others. They both have their fair share of playing both the good guy and bad guy parts. Jezebelle and Quinn are both controversial characters as well.

Then, there are the last two characters who are similar to each other. Aesa is completely good. I am actually very surprised how well she did. At the beginning of the poll, she started off strong- beating every other character by twice the amount of voices. But in the end, Lucas and Roseanna along with Rin rose above her. The most surprising thing is that I haven’t written Miss Oddball as much as the others. I probably only write two chapters about her. I don’t think her having a crush on Xach helps her ranking this high either. Aesa is sweet, innocent, naive, and childlike. I don’t think she has a dark quality about her at all. She is definitely not a gray character. Rin is similar to Aesa but different. Rin is more gray than Aesa because Rin is judgemental and cynical. She is not all good. However, if I have to place her somewhere, she leans more toward the white than the black in my opinion. It also helps that Rin is from the newest story out. That probably help her a lot.

I am not surprised one bit that Lucas came out on top. Instead, I’m surprised that Rogelio and Quinn get the same amount of votes as Aesa. Even more shocking, Jezebelle tied with Xach for the villain role. For those of you who are curious as to why I put Jezebelle in both polls, it’s a secret. Well, not really. Most of you should have figured it out by now if you haven’t already. But I like to say it’s a secret. 🙂

I might try out more polls in the future to see how the characters do against the newer characters:
1) Cookie Yuan- the eccentric, paranoid younger sister of Jamie Yuan (who ranked #1 in the SH polls) seems to be a fan favorite at the moment from the few Honey Pie readers I’ve printed it out to
2) Michie Shiratori- will she replace Aesa as the angelic sweetheart that everyone falls in love with?
3) Jae Shiratori and Gev Blunt- the gray characters… will the pattern continue?
4) Charlotte Russell/Drew Torrealba- the females of SH did very well (ex. Hien, Jamie, Melissa, Megami)… will HP be the same?
5) Teddy Yuan- a toss up because Teddy is one of my favorites but I don’t know how my readers will take him.

                    -Minnie, Rose-Wisteria