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To Minnie’s Readers:

Shujin+Saiko+Hattori= Perfect Team to Win Against Eiji?

Shujin+Saiko+Hattori= Perfect Team to Win Against Eiji?

I adored the Bakuman chapter this week. It’s a very dramatic one if I must say so myself. Anyways, to read the usual review, go here. I love Eiji a lot. I love Shujin and Saiko too so I don’t know what to do. Can’t they all be friends and dance around in a Misa/Light/L circle? I really like that scene by the way…

Anyhoo, I feel like I should type something since I am sorely lacking in inspiration. It’s like one of those moments in a writer’s life when he or she lack too much inspiration to type anything at all. This usually happens to me at the 1/3 point. I don’t know why it’s happening sooner for Gorgeous Geek. I can’t get myself to really finish the last few pages of Honey Pie Chapter Two either because of this “burned out” moment. I’m lost to be frank. I want to rewrite “Spirits New Era” from the very beginning. I’ve already done so for the first two chapters. I want to rewrite “Sweet Heart” and “Spirits” as well. Then, out of nowhere, I have a new idea for a story called “Classy and Cool”. I like the thought of it but I have too many work on my hands already. I have written quite a bit for “After Sweet Heart” as well.

In conclusion, I am all over the place. I am going back to school again… new environment, new college, etc in January. I have a month to type a lot of Gorgeous Geek before then. I will force myself to write hardcore for Gorgeous Geek like I did with Sweet Heart because of a deadline. However, I feel like I should give myself another break so I’ll be marathoning animes and blogging for Hey, Say, Anime! If you guys need to ask me anything or wish me luck, please drop me a comment. I appreciate it!

                        -Minnie  sherly6