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To Gorgeous Geek Readers,

Because my blog is Sheryl-theme and because Jezebelle resembles Sheryl...

Because my blog is Sheryl-theme and because Jezebelle resembles Sheryl...

After another week, Gorgeous Geek Chapter 15 is done. My cousin was messing around with the chapter so if there is more inappropriate language than usual… please tell me! I’ll fix it and kill him later! I know this chapter ends on a really bad note so I’ll try my hardest to type the next chapter as soon as possible. I’m not promising anything. One of my classes will begin in January so yeah. It won’t be that hard until I have four more classes in February. XD Five classes a semester this spring. Oh well. I’ll live. 🙂 Again, thank you everyone for reading my chapter! Honey Pie Chapter 3 will be out soon.

Minnie and Sherly have a weird taste in music and clothing so beware!

Minnie and Sheryl have a weird taste in music and clothing so beware!

Hey, Say, Anime just posted about Fall 2008’s Anime OP and ED’s here. After finishing those ratings (took us 3 days!), I’ve decided that I should post my own lists of My Top Anime OP’s and ED’s here. To be fair and since there are so many to choose from, I’m only limited two songs per anime (most will be one though). Beware though. I am not an otaku. I haven’t watched every single anime out there so a lot of songs are missing from my list. However, since these are my personal lists and not for anything official, there’s no need to freak out at missing songs. Please comment on it! I’ll love to talk about it~

Minnie’s Top 20 Anime OP’s
2o. Gundam Seed OP3: Believe by Nami Tamaki
19. Basilisk OP: Kouga Ninpou Chou by Onmyouza
18. Chobits OP: Let Me Be With You by Round Table feat Nino
17. Ga-Rei Zero OP: Paradise Lost by Chihara Minori
16. Vampire Knight OP: Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi by On/Off
15. Soul Eater OP1: Resonance by T.M. Revolution
14. Code Geass OP1: Colors by Flow
13. DN Angel OP: Byakura ~True Light” by Miyamoto Shunichi
12. Darker than Black OP1: Howling by Abingdon Boys School
11. X (TV) OP: ex Dream by Myuji
10. ~ef~ a tale of melodies OP: ebullient future by ELISA
9. Lovely Complex OP: Kimi + Boku= Love? By Tegomass
8. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann OP: Sorairo Days by Shoko Nakagawa
7. Dragon Ball OP: Makafushigi Adobencha
6. Wolf’s Rain OP: Stray by Steve Conte
5. Full Metal Alchemist OP1: Ready, Steady, Go! By L’Arc-en-Ciel
4. Naruto OP5: Seishun Kyousoukyoku by Sambomaste
3. Death Note OP1: The World by Nightmare
2. Evangelion OP: Cruel Angel’s Thesis by Takahashi Youko
1. Blood+ OP3: Colors of the Heart by UVERworld

Minnie’s Top 20 Anime ED’s
2o. Spice and Wolf ED: Ringo Biyori by Rocky Crack
19. Samurai Champloo ED1: Shiki no Uta by Minmi
18. Nabari no Ou ED: Hikari by Elisa
17. Nodame Cantabile ED: Konna ni Chikaku de… by Crystal Kay
16. Bleach ED2: Thank you!! by Home Made Kazoku
15. Cowboy Bebop ED 1: The Real Folk Blues by Mai Yamane
14. Ai Yori Aoshi ED: Namo Shirenu Hana by The Indigo
13. Linebarrels of Iron ED: Ame ga Furu by Maaya Sakamoto
12. Shakugan no Shana ED1: Yoake Umarekuru Shoujo by Takahashi Yoko
11. Cardcaptor Sakura ED1: Groovy! By Koumi Hirose
10. Honey and Clover ED: Waltz by Suneohair
9. Initial D ED 1: Rage Your Dream by Move
8. Ouran High School Host Club ED: Shissou by Last Alliance
7. Soul Eater ED3: Bakusou Yumeuta by Diggy-MO
6. NANA ED 4: Kuroi Namida by Anna Tsuchiya
5. Bokura ga Ita ED5: Futari no Kisetsu ga by Nozomi Sasaki
4.  Slam Dunk ED 2: My Friend by WAND
3.  Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei ED: Zessei Bijin by Ai Nonaka
2. Vampire Knight Guilty ED: Suna No Ochiro by Wakeshima Kanon
1. Macross Frontier ED1: Diamond Crevasse by May’n