To Gorgeous Geek Readers,

Everything has been changed to Sheryl~
Everything has been changed to Sheryl~

That’s right. I have changed the theme completely to suit my taste. I also made it all Sheryl-centric because we all know Ranka has enough fans having her on their banner. How about some Sheryl love? I can change font color too so I will probably change it around for a bit until I find Sheryl’s hair color. Am I obsessed? Not really. I’m just a bit of a perfectionist at times. But yeah, I like the new width better too. Now, I can upload gigantic pictures! Yay~

For some unplesant news: I usually go to bed at around 2-4 am because I am insane and thanks to my high school, my biological clock still hasn’t returned to normal since I enter college. While I was laying down on my bed at around 3:34 am in the morning, my cell phone started ringing. No one calls me at 3 am unless it’s an emergency. Thanks to reasons like this, I refuse to turn off my cell phone when I go to sleep. Grandpa called. My parents left to check up on him. Right now, it is around 6:34 am. I have stayed up for 3 hours waiting for news because I mean how am I supposed to sleep after that? I called at around 4:12 am because I was panicking. Mom picked up and told me Grandpa was in the hospital. You see, when things like this happen, you can’t just lay there and fall asleep right? You think of the worst case scenarios immediately! So instead, I start typing random things and actually finish the last two pages of Gorgeous Geek at last. 

So, due to me not being able to sleep because I am worried sick, I finish up the chapter that wouldn’t have been done until Monday/Tuesday despite having only two pages left. Gorgeous Geek Chapter 16 is here. As for me, I will continue staying up to hear more news about Grandpa. How long has it been since I pull an all-nighter? Oh. Since that CD project was due in 10th grade. Wow… XD My body is insane. 😛 Hopefully, it doesn’t affect the chapter. I hope everyone tries to see their grandparents more often!

        -Minnie bgi22nanachan4v2gx8