To Minnie’s Readers,

Honey Pie KT (remember from Marissa banner?)

Honey Pie KT (remember from Marissa's banner?)

Honey Pie Jamie (remember from Marissa banner?)

Honey Pie Jamie (remember from Marissa's banner?)

I know someone will ask me this so I will answer the question now. All the pictures I have of Cookie Yuan are those of her back in high school when she had clean-cut black hair. In the present, she has messy black hair and really pale skin. I just want to clear things up. 🙂 Anyways, here is Chapter 3. Chapter 17 of Gorgeous Geek will be done by tomorrow if I finish blog work by today. Thanks all!

                -Minnie kawaii-yamapi-and-a-shiba-by-rasckita
P.S. The gif reminds me of KT and “Puppy” so I just had to use it. XD Makes sense since both KT and Kristian are based off Yamapi.