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To Minnie’s Readers,

I'll Miss You~

To Megami Matsuda: I Miss Writing You~

I’ve been asked a question about Megami Matsuda from Sweet Heart recently. If you haven’t read Sweet Heart to the end, please DO NOT READ WHAT I AM ABOUT TO SAY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I guess I didn’t make it as obvious as I should. By the end of Sweet Heart, it is hinted that Megami aka Meggie Bunny is very sick… to the point that she can no longer sing. In the epilogue, Rai is rushing a wedding so he can marry Megami. Why do you think that is? I hope it’s obvious now. If not, then I’ll outright say it in sugar coated way: Megami will appear probably once or twice in Honey Pie and she will never appear again in Gorgeous Geek. Yeah. So in dedication to her and for all of you have stuck to all my stories so far, the choices for OP and ED from Minnie and Garrick:

Sweet Heart

OP1: Brand New Love by WANDS (KT-centric)

OP2: Sexy You by Hiromi Go (Quinn-centric)

ED 1: True Love Story by Seiko Matsuda and Hiromi Go (Megami/Rai centric)

ED 2: Sayonara no Kiss o Wasurenai by Seiko Matsuda and Hiromi Go (KT/Theresa centric)

ED 3: Sekaijuuno Dareyori Kitto by Miho Nakayama and WANDS (KT/Jamie/Carey/Theresa/Quinn/Claire centric)

Honey Pie

OP: Single Hazard by Jolin Tsai (Cookie centric)

Winter ED: I Won’t Last A Day by Jolin Tsai (Coco/Loco centric)

Spring ED: Anata ni Aitakute~Missing You~ by Seiko Matsuda (Jae/Michie/Gev centric)

Summer ED: ?

Fall ED: ?

Gorgeous Geek

OP 1: Geek in the Pink by Jason Mraz (Jin-centric)

OP 2: The Remedy by Jason Mraz (Jordan-centric)

ED1: Butterfly by Jason Mraz (Kristian/Rin centric) (Warning: Sexual connotations; if you’ve read Carpe Diem poems before, you’re good to go)

ED 2:  You and I Both by Jason Mraz (Rin/Vance centric) (Note: Rin/Bo has its own ED now in a future post)

ED 3: Lucky by Jason Mraz feat Colbie Caillat (Rin/Jin centric)

ED 4: I’m Yours by Jason Mraz (Jin/Jezebelle centric)

Note: Two names-centric often but does not imply those two are a couple in the ending. It means that the two are depicted more than any of the other characters. For Honey Pie, Cookie and Coco are not the same person. The different names are meant to be like that. The OP and ED for the rest of Honey Pie will come later. ^^