Gorgeous Geek Character Bios

Main Characters


Jin-Kyong “Jin” Song
Jin is universally known as the ultimate nice guy as well as the beautiful geek.  Even though Jin is good looking, he rarely gives much thought to outer appearances and helps anyone who asks for his help. Most of the time, he helps others without them having to ask him. His love for video games is well-known since he rarely does anything else besides that with the exception of watching shounen anime and reading fantasy novels.  Depending on the situation, Jin can be a very generous or very cheap person. He is known for being overly dutiful to both his girlfriend and his parents, though it is still unknown if his feelings for Jezebelle passes those of loyalty and duty.

fi2Jezebelle “Fi” “Jesse” Tilly
Jezebelle is a self-proclaimed bitch and acknowledges that she is a selfish and ambitious person. Like Jin, Jezebelle is beautiful beyond compare and is not afraid to show off her good looks. Unlike Jin though, Jezebelle works very hard every day from skin care products to diets to keep her perfect appearance. Jezebelle is not afraid to say what she thinks and to use others for her own personal agenda. A high maintenance girlfriend, Jezebelle likes to spend Jin’s money on clothes and food. Even though Jezebelle’s family is rich, she is not spoiled, preferring to rely on her own abilities to get through life. As critical as she is of others, she is her own worst critic.

rin1Rin “Hamada-sama” “Rin-chan” Hamada
Rin is the best student in her class as well as Jin’s closest friend. Although a main character, Rin is the foil to a lot of the other characters, most notably Jezebelle and Kristian. In school, Rin studies very hard, twice as much as anyone else, to have good grades. Very cynical, Rin looks down on people due to how unfair she thinks the world is to her. Rin classifies herself in the category of someone who is not fortunate enough to be born smart so she has to achieve it through diligence. Stubborn and hot-tempered, Rin ironically is the spoiled girl. Thanks to her serious nature, she attracts the attention of many boys from the class clown Kristian to the concertmaster Edwin.

Major Characters

boBo “Bobby” Sungwoo
Bo is the only Asian football player on varsity as well as the third member of JinRinBo. Even though he joins the group thanks to Jin, it is obvious he is closer to Rin as time goes on. Always grinning, Bo likes to joke around as well as criticize his friends in such a playful manner that they can’t decide whether to thank or hit him. Even though he teases Rin a lot, he rarely does so to other girls unless Rin is around. On the surface, Bo is the simplest character but in actuality, he is hardest character to figure out because he rarely shows his real emotions, even during serious situations. Like Jin, Bo’s feelings for Rin are ambiguous and might not be anything more than loyalty.

kristian3Kristian “Virgin-Killer” Shiratori
Kristian is the school clown of his year, landing in detention four days a week. Underneath the surface though, Kristian is a brilliant and talented young man. Rin identifies Kristian as someone who is born great but chooses to do anything but study and work hard. The reason why Kristian doesn’t care is because his heart is set on joining the Marines right after high school. Besides academics, Kristian is overly gallant, helping girls in need frequently which causes most if not all of them to fall in love with him. This makes him easier to pick any girl he wants to go out with. There are hints that suggest he has feelings for Rin since freshman year initially after their first talk.

vance2Vance Gray
Vance is a transfer student into the junior year and is fast “friends” with Rin and later Bo. Usually, Vance prefers to keep to himself with the exception of Rin at first. A scary outer appearance, Vance frequently scares other girls away from him. He has been mistaken as an emo often. Vance describes himself as a pessimist and hates people in general. Often, he calls them idiotic and wants less of them around. However, he has a soft spot for Rin and comforts her whenever she’s down. Despite this, Vance refuses to call her his friend because he hates making friends. Like the others, his feelings for Rin is unknown but his feelings for computers are not.


Jordan “Baby” Greene
Jordan is the best looking male in school and unlike Jin, uses it to his advantage. Even though he is popular, he is far from perfect. Off the bat, Jordan proves that he is carefree and lazy, preferring to take the easy way out in life with his good looks. In front of others, he acts strong and cool because that is expected of his reputation. On the inside, Jordan is to some extent a coward and a childish person. Moreover, Jordan has a strong case of low self-esteem and indecisiveness. The two people he shows his true self to is his girlfriend Victoria and tennis buddy Jin. Since his popularity controls him, he is unable to become true friends with Jin or make up with his ex Wendy.

After a long break, I am back with Chapter 17. I am currently typing up Spirits I for a friend and I am learning about women in my college class which makes this feminist very happy. Oh and Steve, congrats again on marathoning Sweet Heart. Since you finish it, care to share your top ten females from these three books so far? Since you are reading both GG and HP along with a recently finished SH, I’ll like your opinion on that because you favor female characters over male ones. Anyways, thanks guys and I’ll try to get some writing done sooner. Hopefully. Maybe. I dunno. XD

Due to popular demand and thanks to GG being a pretty long story, here are a couple of ED’s for GG readers:

Song For A Friend by Jason Mraz (Jin/Jordan Centric) (Again, it does not imply pairings like the last post)

The Beauty in Ugly by Jason Mraz (Rin/Jezebelle Centric) (Ditto)

A Beautiful Mess by Jason Mraz (Rin/Bo Centric) (The choice of changing Both You and I to Rin/Vance and make a completely different ending for Rin and Bo is Steve’s idea)

If I have to reorder them again, it will go like this:

Kristian/Rin (Butterfly)
Jezebelle/Rin (The Beauty in Ugly)
Bo/Rin (A Beautiful Mess)
Vance/Rin (Both You and I)
Jin/Jordan (Song For A Friend)
Jin/Jezebelle (I’m Yours)