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To Minnie’s Readers,

This is how I am most of the day now...

This is how I am most of the day now...

I know I haven’t updated in a week or so. I have a good reason. I broke my laptop… again. Ironically, in the same Gorgeous Geek chapter I am about to complete, the same thing happened. My luck huh? Friday the 13th isn’t even here yet! In any case, my Gorgeous Geek chapter was 5 pages from done as well as my Honey Pie chapter. Now, that they are both lost in the abyss of my laptop, I have to write something else to waste time.

Also, for the past three days, I’ve been sick. And I skip like two classes in order to stay home and rest. Tomorrow, I have a driving’s test. The following week, I have FE 11 to buy and a couple of other things to do. Most importantly, this weekend, I have to study for my music test as well as finish all my homework. I have four days to do so without a laptop so why not? It’s not like I hate homework/studying.

Aside from coughing and sneezing and trying to survive using my bro’s laptop, my grandfather is finally out of the hospital. He’s actually living with my family now. He’s pretty cool with everything so  my life hasn’t drastically changed with him being here. Besides, I can watch American Idol in his room (For all you AI haters, just shut up) and I already know who I’m going to cheer for. Actually, two. 🙂 I can’t wait to vote! I voted around 50 times for David Cook last year while at Yosemite where the cell phone reception was horrible. Yeahhhh.

As for visiting NoHo, I’ll wait until I feel less sick and more motivated to drive there myself. I like you guys. I really do. I just have class Monday-Thursday so Friday is the only day I can possibly come up there. I want to go there Friday’s anyway since I can play Bridge. Btw, I suck at Bridge now. Toy will be mad at me. I still love him though. I miss him a lot. XD I am actually writing my English paper on NoHo by personifying HGM as an overbearing mother. Yes, I am as creative as always (sarcasm?).

So what am I going to do now? I’m probably going to work on After Sweet Heart like I wanted to and see if I can get my laptop fixed. Hurray~ In the meantime, I’ll use the rest of my free time to sleep and blog anime. I can’t wait for FMA to come out! I am even more anxious for Winter Sonata in the Summer! I’m blogging that for sure~

One last thing- I might buy PS3 but I need to check the money I have in the bank first. I can’t wait to get my credit card already. Hehe~ Of course, being a cheapskate that I am, I’d rather boys buy me lunch instead. Blah. I don’t want to pay for my own gas. >Princess in disguise<

Sorry for the long rant. You guys can go have fun with your busy lives now. I’ll just brood over my laptop some more. ^^;;