To Gorgeous Geek Readers,

Im so tired and sleepy...

I'm so tired and sleepy...

I have no idea why but yesterday, I really wanted to finish Chapter 19 so I stayed up all night to type it up. I haven’t even double check it to see all the typos I’ve made. Actually, my original Chapter 19 is lost in the harddrive of my broken laptop. I just sent it to its company today to be fixed. In other words, the Chapter 19 you are about to read is actually my second attempt. I rewrote the entire chapter from scratch in three days. Why? Because Chapter 20 is one of my favorite chapters in the whole story and I’m not patient enough to wait a month for my laptop to return. I’m not willing to rewrite Chapter 3 of Honey Pie from scratch though since I thought the original was brilliant in itself. Be warned though! I have no idea why the paragraphs are stuck together when I uploaded the document… >___> Stupid Zoho. Anyways, please ignore the chunky paragraphs and enjoy Chapter 19!

For other news, I’ll like to say that I just bought the newest FE and I have three tests this week so the chances of Chapter 20 coming out is slim to none until Friday the earliest. Also, Koala and I have been talking about our collab so we might work on it soon! I can’t wait to write Nani, Carolyn, and Sacha again! I love those three ❤ Since someone ask me how much my characters are based off people I know, I might as well give a small list:

Jin Song= personality based off my cousin; looks based off Korean guitarist
Rin Hamada= personalitybased off Mom’s teenager self; looks based off Korean TV actress
Bo Sungwoo= personality based off classmate; looks based off Korean suit model
Kristian Shiratori= personality based off ex crush; looks based off Yamapi (<3333)
Jordan Green= personality based off friend; looks based off Caucasian surfer
Tiffany Wu= personality based off former neighbor; looks based off Japanese model
Vance Gray= personality based off friend; looks based off Caucasian student
Most other characters are based loosely off high school/junior high classmates, friends of friends, online friends, co-worker, etc.

          -Minnie yamapilick