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To Gorgeous Geek Readers:

Writing tip from Minnie and Sheryl~

Writing tip from Minnie and Sheryl~

Someone has been complaining that I don’t update my blog frequent enough. I won’t be mentioning names however. It’s because I don’t have anything to write about. However, I thought of an idea to write about for random post. Writing tips! I don’t know how I did it but I inspire a couple of my long-time readers to become part-time writers (aside from homework, extracurricular activities, house chores, etc). Anyways, I will just write out random tips now and again.

Most of my readers actually ask me how to make characters. I blush because that’s my expertise. I really need to work on other stuff like plot and setting. Even though I want to put my essay up here, I’ll restrain myself from making people read a long essay just to find out how to write a character. Tips instead. These tips are not in order of importance.. just in order of which ones I think of first.

Making Character Tip #1: Memorable Quirks
All characters have personalities and background right? Most writers talk about it a lot. Very frequently too. However, a lot of the time they forget to mention the most memorable thing about characters- their quirks. How many people really care what CC from Code Geass’s personality is like? Most of us remember her because she eats lots of pizza! Characters from fiction are the same. You need to give them a trait that no other character else has and from there, they become memorable. Try it out!

I guess the question is- how weird should a quirk be to make a character memorable? It doesn’t matter in my opinion as long as they have one or several. However, none of the other characters should have the same quirk. Quirks are absolute must in a large cast of character. A perfect example is Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. Huge cast of characters right? All the students have their own quirks. Remember Chiri? What comes to mind? I know for me, I think of how she always has to have her hair split straight in the middle because she’s a perfectionist. None of the other characters have this quirk and that is why she is memorable. Heck, even the Normal Girl is memorable because all the other characters are so wacky that she stands out! I use quirks all the time. Here is a short (maybe) quiz of quirks in relation to what characters:

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Characters are only used ONCE)

1) Who is a Korean Drama Fanatic?
2) Who is gluttonous to the extreme?
3) Who has an interest in movies?
4) Who is allergic to all types of nuts?
5) Who carries a teddy bear and a blanket?
6) Who is religiously orientated?
7) Who likes to play with marbles?
8 ) Who refuses to sing no matter what?
9) Who is famous for having asthma?
10) Who collects a lot of bracelet?
11) Who is allergic to cats?
12) Who is scared of cockroaches?
13) Who likes to hum songs for fun?
14) Who wears dresses and only dresses?
15) Who carries around a white purse w/kitchen utensils?
16) Who is famous for being unable to swim?
17) Who cannot stand chili?
18) Who loves chili?
19) Who is an advocate of animal rights?
20) Who can talk and control animals?
21) Who is addicted to coffee?
22) Who is addicted to alchohol?
23) Who is an irrational character thanks to the weather?
24) Who is obsessed over video games?
25) Who is married 3x?
26) Who is politically active?
27) Who is very self-conscious about thin arms?
28) Who is famously known for not knowing how to read and write?
29) Who loves junk food?
30) Who believes in Darwism/Survival of the Fittest?
31) Who is a tea expert?
32) Who plays every type of instrument possible? (Two answers)
33) Who is a proud drug addict?
34) Who has an ankle fetish?
35) Who is allergic to grass?
36) Who tries to solve everything by blowing things up?
37) Who wears his tie as his belt?
38) Who enjoys to eat seafood?
39) Who sleeps over 14 hours a day?
40) Who is the only character that is canonically in love with his sister?
41) Who is the only character to be poisoned for 99% of the story?
42) Who likes to date talkative girls?
43) Who hates to wear shoes no matter what?
44) Who needs many pillows in order to sleep at night?
45) Who is the luckiest character in all Minnie’s stories?
46) Who likes to kiss men? (Male character)
47) Who loves to eat lots of candy? (Two of them)
48) Who is the self-proclaimed pessimist?
49) Who hates the word “Hero”?
50) Who has a weakness for strawberries?

Wow. I had fun with that. That was a not so short quiz. I’ll give everyone a hint. It’s from all my stories except for the few Spirits that no one read yet (Spirits II and III) and yes, Honey Pie is included. I’ll be very impressed if anyone gets 50% right. XD As you can see from the list, quirks don’t have to be something out of this world. I swear, I can make a 50 question quiz like the one above just on Lucas or Theresa alone. Those two are the extreme end though. More normal characters like Teddy (the boy who puts ketchup in everything) has very few quirks so it’s best to make them as memorable as possible.

Anyways, what was the point of this post again? Oh yeah. Gorgeous Geek Chapter 20. I love this chapter. It’s a very climatic chapter. I can’t wait to type up Chapter 21 soon. I’ll shut up now.

-Minnie yamapihott29tc1