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To Gorgeous Geek Readers,

After I saw this, I want to cosplay as Sheryl Nome... I love her <3

After I saw this, I want to cosplay as Sheryl Nome... I love her ❤

To Apple: APPLE COME TO AX WITH ME!!! I NEED YOU TO CARRY MY THINGS! You said you would. T__T There’s a chance I might not cosplay as Micaiah as I told you I would because I haven’t gotten the costume done yet. =/ I’m sorry. I might have to go as myself then. Doesn’t that suck?

To Gracie: First of all, congrats on Oly Regionals and still so sorry about my cousins that day. Second, you need to come to AX with us (Apple, Koala, Duke, and I + other people) this year. If you say no, I will go to your house and force you to go (I’m half-joking…). AX takes place from July 2-7 (Thursday-Sunday- most likely the weekend after the weekend after graduation) at a price of $50 now. The price will keep increasing with more time. $30 for one day I believe. Anyways, for hotel reservations, if 4 to a room, I calculate it to be $36.25 a night. If staying for all 4 days of AX which means 3 days of hotel, it will be $108.75 in all. I can’t believe I paid $100 for 1 night the first year I went because I waited too long to find a hotel… Anyways, the price of the hotel will change since it depends on how many people are going and if Koala and I can find a better hotel etc etc. We’ll try to keep everyone informed on this.

To Autumn: Come with me too! I don’t want to miss you like last year! You and Sam (are you friends with him again?) get to hang out last year too. 😦 I’m so jealous. Don’t leave me out >__< >go into Reira mode< All the info is above in Gracie’s paragraph.

To Raccoon and GL: You two should come. XD That’s all I’m going to say. Lmao.

You guys are GRADUATING. What do you do after graduation besides partying and sleeping? NOTHING. XD So come. Please? XD If you can’t for sure, please let me know. If you can for sure, let me know too. Koala and I are hating on “maybe’s” right now. ^^;; Anyways, people who are going for sure so far:

Jennifer (Kuang)

Almost sure:
Steven’s Friend

So yeah, more girls is better. XD I need more girls… I should just ask every girl I’m close to. ^^;;;;; And you guys can ask people around you too! Thanks a lot!

For Gorgeous Geek, this episode is weird because it took me one day to finish the first 10 pages and 5 days to finish the last 11 pages. Haha. I will try to type up the next one as soon as possible because I want to finish a bunch of this story before AX. 🙂 Chapter 22 and I’ll be getting 23 out as soon as possible, as much as my schoolwork+blogging will allow me to.