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To Gorgeous Geek Readers,

After I saw this, I want to cosplay as Sheryl Nome... I love her <3

After I saw this, I want to cosplay as Sheryl Nome... I love her ❤

To Apple: APPLE COME TO AX WITH ME!!! I NEED YOU TO CARRY MY THINGS! You said you would. T__T There’s a chance I might not cosplay as Micaiah as I told you I would because I haven’t gotten the costume done yet. =/ I’m sorry. I might have to go as myself then. Doesn’t that suck?

To Gracie: First of all, congrats on Oly Regionals and still so sorry about my cousins that day. Second, you need to come to AX with us (Apple, Koala, Duke, and I + other people) this year. If you say no, I will go to your house and force you to go (I’m half-joking…). AX takes place from July 2-7 (Thursday-Sunday- most likely the weekend after the weekend after graduation) at a price of $50 now. The price will keep increasing with more time. $30 for one day I believe. Anyways, for hotel reservations, if 4 to a room, I calculate it to be $36.25 a night. If staying for all 4 days of AX which means 3 days of hotel, it will be $108.75 in all. I can’t believe I paid $100 for 1 night the first year I went because I waited too long to find a hotel… Anyways, the price of the hotel will change since it depends on how many people are going and if Koala and I can find a better hotel etc etc. We’ll try to keep everyone informed on this.

To Autumn: Come with me too! I don’t want to miss you like last year! You and Sam (are you friends with him again?) get to hang out last year too. 😦 I’m so jealous. Don’t leave me out >__< >go into Reira mode< All the info is above in Gracie’s paragraph.

To Raccoon and GL: You two should come. 😄 That’s all I’m going to say. Lmao.

You guys are GRADUATING. What do you do after graduation besides partying and sleeping? NOTHING. 😄 So come. Please? 😄 If you can’t for sure, please let me know. If you can for sure, let me know too. Koala and I are hating on “maybe’s” right now. ^^;; Anyways, people who are going for sure so far:

Jennifer (Kuang)

Almost sure:
Steven’s Friend

So yeah, more girls is better. 😄 I need more girls… I should just ask every girl I’m close to. ^^;;;;; And you guys can ask people around you too! Thanks a lot!

For Gorgeous Geek, this episode is weird because it took me one day to finish the first 10 pages and 5 days to finish the last 11 pages. Haha. I will try to type up the next one as soon as possible because I want to finish a bunch of this story before AX. 🙂 Chapter 22 and I’ll be getting 23 out as soon as possible, as much as my schoolwork+blogging will allow me to.