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To Minnie’s Readers,

Yes, Apple, you got the Sylvia one right. XD

Yes, Apple, you got the Sylvia one right. XD

Good job guys. Most of you guys got the obvious questions right at least (whoever missed Jin must go reread from Chapter 1). I’ll be sad if you guys don’t get a couple of them right but there are some that I must admit is too hard to even guess. I’m mean like that. Sorries. 😛

Note: Since I lost the first 1-6 chapters of Spirits I, I can’t post the excerpts. Sorry!

Quiz Results
1) Who is a Korean Drama Fanatic?
“Looks like Michie is even more excited,” Melissa commented. “That’s always a happy sight to see. I personally want to learn Korean too. I love K-Dramas!”
Hien made a face. “Personally, I think Singapore dramas are more creative and original.”
“There’s a lot more action, true,” Melissa said. “But sometimes, a bit of romance from K-dramas are good once in a while.”
Quinn couldn’t stop himself from laughing. “Mel, you watch cheesy, romantic dramas?”
Melissa rolled her eyes. “I’m a girl. Deal with it, Quinn.” (From Sweet Heart)

2) Who is gluttonous to the extreme?
“Where is Mistress Minx? She was here not so long ago.”
“What the?” Marcello looked around for her. “Where did she go?”
“Find food. You’ll probably find her there.”
And exactly like what Hohiho said, Marcello found Minx back inside the restaurant to finish the rest of her food. Even when he tried to grab a meat bun, Minx slapped his hand and pouted. He retreated his hand and watched as she swallowed the rest of her food. (From Hohiho)

3) Who has an interest in movies?
“I watch movies to analyze and criticize them. I am one of those people who watch movies every week in order to talk intellectually about it with others”
I frowned and sat back in my seat. “You have to suck the fun out of everything.”
Hien allowed a short laugh. “That’s what I do best.” (From Sweet Heart)

4) Who is allergic to all types of nuts?
“Evil…” Dash pointed at the pile.
Roseanna smirked. “No, Dash. Chocolate with peanuts is delicious.”
“Do me a favor Rosy and burn that pile with your Dark Magic.”
“I like peanuts!” Roseanna exclaimed.
“If I could, I would burn this myself and pay for it later,” Dash said through gritted teeth.
“No you wouldn’t,” Roseanna said with a smirk.
“That’s true,” Dash admitted. “I would have burned it and ran for it.”
“It’s sad to be allergic to all types of nuts…” (From Spirits New Era)

5) Who carries a teddy bear and a blanket?
“But Master Xach,” said Number One, following her Master’s gaze down to the Spirit Siblings. She was staring at Aesa specifically. “What is so odd about her? Why does she deserve your affectionate nickname of ‘Miss Oddball’?”
Xach gave Number One a lopsided smile. “You may call me a pedophile, Toma, but I am starting to dig the blanket and teddy bear look.” (From Finale) 

6) Who is religiously orientated?
The brown-haired boy lifted the bird higher. “So if I ask for forgiveness… I will be rid of my sins? Is that what you’re telling me?”
“Yes. Goddess Alika is forgiving.” Luchia answered.
“How is that fair then? How is it fair that someone who has commited more sins than someone else can have the same opportunity to go to this Upper World if they beg for forgiveness?” The juvenile male shook his head. “These.. views do not make sense to me.”
“If you still have these thoughts, then you are not a believer.” (From Spirits New Era)

7) Who likes to play with marbles?
“The… last… time…” Mimi repeated, lifting her swollen eyes at the nun.
Realizing what that meant at last, Mimi wore her red dress quickly and ran toward the window. Mimi opened the window wide and watched Alvin leave the church and back toward the port with his black coat over his shoulder. His dark purple hair blew back with the wind as he threw a blue marble up and down in his right hand. There was definitely the Raul in him, Mimi thought.
“Thank you Alvin,” Mimi mumbled. “Thank you for saving me back there.” (From Spirits I)

8 ) Who refuses to sing no matter what?
“Just wait until you hear it,” I said with a smile. “You try to sing it while I play the guitar.”
“I can’t sing!” Theresa cried, reddening. “I have no talent in singing.”
“I thought you’re an artistic person…”
“I am!” Theresa interrupted. “But I have no talent in music whatsoever…” (From Sweet Heart)

9) Who is famous for having asthma?
“I will never forget that day. None of us would. When the judge asked us who was responsible for leading this scheme, I was a coward and could not admit it was I. It was then that Lucas came into the courtroom, still recovering from the medicine we gave him, and told the judge, “I was the one who was sick and I was the one who told all of them to steal the medicine for me so I should be the only one punished for this”. Lucas was not even part of the scheme but in a few seconds, Lucas was thrown on the floor and sentenced to thirty whips on his back. Not only was Lucas sick and thin, Lucas also had asthma. Lucas almost died that day so…” Flaine dropped his head. “We all vowed never to let that happen again.” (From Spirits I)

10) Who collects a lot of bracelet?
Actually, thanks to some convincing arguments from Apple, I will invalidate this question. The answer is Talise but Dash wears lots of bracelets so he sort of couts as a bracelet collector.

11) Who is allergic to cats?
“I want a white mouse with a small pink nose.”
“That’s so cute!” I cried despite myself. “Let’s ask the Captain if we can get a pet mouse since I don’t think Quinn is allergic to mice…”
“I want a kitty too,” Crystal said in a disappointing voice. “But Quinn…”
“Yeah… he’s allergic…” (From Sweet Heart)

12) Who is scared of cockroaches?
Suddenly, Sylvie screamed and blasted something on the wall wtih full-scale Light Magic. Jai barely dodged it.
“This is what happens to people who are too polite… they start going crazy…” Jai grumbled to himself. “Control yourself, woman!” Sylvie shrieked again and continued to damage the wall with Light Magic. Jai felt his left eye twitch more and more with every blast she infliced on the harmless wall. “Stop it! Damn it!”
Sylvie’s lips trembled as she clutched onto his arm. “That cockroach… that cockroach tried to kill me!” Jai stared at Sylvie with an unreadable expression. “You should have seen it! It was shaking its small head at me and for a second there… I saw it smiling! It was smiling!” (From Spirits New Era)

13) Who likes to hum songs for fun?
1st time- “Speaking of Subordinates,” said Jezebelle, catching sight of Xuan Lan humming the National anthem along and skipping over with a racket ready. Juliet was right behind her. “You can meet them personally now, Wendy.”
2nd time-“Nice to meet you Wendy Wilshire,” said Xuan Lan, bowing deeply. When Xuan Lan started humming to Pomp and Circumstance, Jezebelle smacked her on the head with her own racket. “Oy… may I call you Willis?”
3rd time- When the other three girls watched Xuan Lan squeezing her gray cat and tennis racket to her chest with large, innocent eyes, they started discussing among themselves how Xuan Lan probably fit the description pretty well in an absurd way. Xuan Lan pouted and started humming the Meow Mix song with her dancing kitty. (From Gorgeous Geek in the same chapter)

14) Who wears dresses and only dresses?
Jamie Yuan (no excerpt 😛 )

15) Who carries around a white purse w/kitchen utensils?
“Hold your ground and attack as if your lives depended on it,” Flaine ordered.
“Aye Flaine!” The rest of the boys cried. Every one of them took out a specialized weapon, ready to fight back to defend Ada and Beau. “For the Captain!”
Flaine started by throwing his butcher knife at the closest soldier, right at the neck. Taking out more knives from his purse, Flaine led the attack with the other boys close on his trail. (From Spirits I)

16) Who is famous for being unable to swim?
“I need to take a bath,” Roseanna suddenly remembered.
“You want company?” Dash asked, winking.
“You kept me company all night,” Roseanna reminded. “I feel guilty.”
“Don’t be,” Dash said quickly. “We made an agreement didn’t we?”
“We did,” Roseanna almost laughed at the thought. “You’re working for me now right? I feel like such a lucky girl.”
“More than lucky,” Dash said smugly. “But it was my fault first.”
“I guess,” Roseanna said thoughtfully. “Still, I’ll have that bath by myself.”
“If you insist,” Dash said, almost disappointed.
“You don’t mind watching the door do you?” Roseanna asked quickly.
“Why? Are you afraid some other peeping tom is in this building with us?”
“No, it’s just that I might call for you.”
“Really?” Dash asked with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.
Roseanna glanced away. “I might… drown. You might have to rescue me. That’s usually Tomahawk’s job…”
“I will.” Dash smiled. “Without a doubt.” (From Spirits New Era)

17) Who cannot stand chili?
“Sometimes, I wonder if Locke is perfect,” Talise said, sitting next to Roseanna as the two girls sat on top of the stairs.
“He isn’t,” Roseanna said softly. “No one is. Not even him.”
“His club foot,” Talise said automatically. “I know too well. Did you know that Locke can’t stand chili?”
“Really?” Roseanna laughed.
Talise laughed along with her. “If he were to eat something really spicy, he would have to drink three gallons of water!” (From Spirits New Era)

18) Who loves chili?
“Do you know what you’re doing?” asked Rin curiously, eying another spoon.
“I am adding red chili,” said Bo plain and clear. He kept adding until the condiment turned bright red. “What is the matter, Hamada-sama? Shouldn’t you be eating your food?”
“That’s really spicy,” said Rin, picking up her pair of chopsticks.
“The more the better,” said Bo, grinning. “I like everything hot and spicy.” (From Gorgeous Geek)

19) Who is an advocate of animal rights?
“I don’t like being late to class,” Rebecca said with a frown. “I am going to follow Steven’s method and ditch class.”
“That’s not a good idea,” I said.
“I am going to check on my other petition about saving the whales in the En Ocean,” Rebecca said, walking away from the hallway and onto the field. “Soon, when I go on strike, I will be missing more than one class for those whales. This one time won’t hurt me.”
“I suppose you’re not changing your mind them?” I asked.
“You want to come with me?” Rebecca asked cutely. I loved her smile. Sometimes, I wanted Rebecca to only smile for me. (From The Lone Wolf aka Brian’s Chapter)

20) Who can talk and control animals?
“Are you hiding from someone?” That calm voice dominated him.
Riddle shakily spun on his heels and tried to escape through the window, but Falina sent two long snakes to grab a hold of his ankles. The two snakes wrapped themselves around his legs and caused him to stand immobile. Riddle sweated and managed to smile timidly at the dark-eyed woman who walked over to him slowly. The snakes, seeing Falina, immediately withdrew from Riddle and slithered out the door. The dogs closed the door, trapping Riddle with Falina.
“Is that how you welcome someone you haven’t seen for a long time?” Falina asked calmly and deviously. (From Spirits New Era)

21) Who is addicted to coffee?
“From then on, my life changed forever.”
That was Francis talking to Theresa. The orange-haired girl looked really interested in what he had to say. Now, I was curious. I sat down next to Francis and asked what he  meant by that statement. The Italian merely smirked and answered.
“I was telling her how I discovered my love for coffee.”
I stared at him, speechless. “How do you discover something like that? You make it sound scientific. That’s just stupid.”
Francis lifted a brow. “Everyone has a love in life. I just happen to adore coffee.”
“And violence and girls and graphics…” (From Sweet Heart)

22) Who is addicted to alchohol?
“Riddle!” Locke cried out to capture the man’s attention. “Do you know how late it is? We have to go back now!”
“Whoa! Dude!” said Riddle, who was standing on top of a table and killing the people who were jumping at him. “Where did you come from?”
“Let’s go!” Locke said and knocked a man out of the way. The boy jumped on top of the table and grabbed a hold of Riddle’s hand. “Everyone is worried about you!”
“I know I can but what can I do?” Riddle asked with a shrug of his shoulders.
There was a bit of a crazy smile on his lips. The stench from his clothes…
“You’re drunk!” Locke said and shook his head. “Never mind. Let’s go now.”
“Sure why not?” Riddle nodded stupidly before the two landed on the floor wiht Locke gracefully on his feet and Riddle clumsily on his knees. Locke managed to kill a couple of men aiming their knives at Riddle. “Where are we going? Who am I again?” (From Spirits New Era)

23) Who is an irrational character thanks to the weather?
Getting ready for school, Aesa automatically went to the window and checked the weather. It was bright and sunny today. The sky was clear and blue. Everything was perfect. Smiling, Aesa turned around to see that Anaitic was humming and pulling up her silky black hair into ribbons. It was rare days like this that Aesa believed this was the true Anaitic. And even if the day was stormy, Aesa could depend on her friends to hide her from her sister if necessary. (From Spirits? Home Time!)

24) Who is obsessed over video games?
What? No way!”
Before Tiffany could deny anything, Jin started cursing out loud much to the girls’ surprise. He went up to the nearest wall and started hitting his head against it. Both Eunice and Jennifer ran over to pull their beautiful Jin away from hurting himself.
“What’s the matter?” asked Eunice worriedly, frowning.
“Did the news really shock you that much?” asked Jennifer tearfully, glancing at a depressed Tiffany back on the staircase.
Jin placed his forehead against the wall and closed his eyes. “I died again!”
“You died?” asked Jennifer, crying loudly now. “How? When? Why?”
“Mario died,” said Jin, lifting his head from the wall and hugging the DS lite to his chest. “He is such a good man too! He is the reason why I grow to respect plumbers!” (From Gorgeous Geek)

25) Who is married 3x?
“You’re famous, Ada! I heard you got married three times!” The overly excited Dara chirped, jumping up and down.
“That is not something to be proud of,” Ada said, flushing bright red. “I don’t want to be married that many times…”
“Who did you love the most?” Dara asked curiously, fluttering her eyelashes.
Ada gaped at the brown-haired thief in shock. “I… No! I shall not tell you!”
“Come on now Ada!” Dara pouted. “Every woman plays favorites!”
Suddenly, at those words, a soft smile played on Ada’s red lips. “He rarely played favorite… he was always so nice to all of them… he was willing to do anything for those boys back then… and he was-” Ada paused and smacked her head. “He was so messy! Why did I remember that?!” (From Spirits II)

26) Who is politically active?
“At this dare, Claire angrily changed the channel of the radio once she stopped at a red light. Now, it was Kevin’s turn to glare at her because she changed to her news channel. Out of the group in her car, Claire was by far the most informed when it came to politics. She could name all nine Supreme Court judges and every person in the President’s cabinet right now. I couldn’t even name the Mayor of California. This was how uninformed I was. She was fiercely liberal and so was the rest of her family. I should know. I ate dinner with her family before. They would chat on about the latest economic situations and about various scams among Senators and so. They even talked about abortion and gay rights. I never went back there to eat dinner again. I felt so… stupid in their presence.” (From Sweet Heart)

27) Who is very self-conscious about thin arms?
Cal from Spirits~

28) Who is famously known for not knowing how to read and write?
Sitting by himself, Bruke still remembered that painful memory of the past. The children of Mizunam used to bully him and picked on him. They even stepped on the peaches he tried so hard to collect for Dester’s family. As he stood up and went to his parents’ tombostones, he felt something heavy lifted from his shoulders. After years of struggling, Bruke had achieved what he had set to do- read his parents’ names.
Now, Bruke took this opportunity to talk to them in his head, finding it embarassing to say anything out loud. He had so much to say. All the while, in the background, he heard Roseanna splashing in the nearby river. Glancing back at her after he was done, Bruke saw her sitting there with her feet in the water and shining in the sunlight. Roseanna was the woman who wanted to be a little less intelligent. He was the man who wanted to be a little more intelligent. And yet, without her intelligence and without his lack of his intelligence, Roseanna would have never taught him how to read and write so well in their short time together. (From Spirits New Era)

29) Who loves junk food?
“I heard from Teddy Bear that you like to eat junk food,” Michie said suddenly.
I smiled at her. “I do. I love cookies and chips.”
“Your figure is perfect though,” Michie said in amazement. I laughed at her. “How do you manage to watch your weight?”
“I have a tolerance for junk food,” I answered. I tugged my hair out of habit. “Compared to Teddy, I eat a lot of food. I eat too much to be ladylike. All I need is a bottle of mustard and I’m good to go!”
“Like Teddy and ketchup!”
I couldn’t help but laugh. “Exactly.” (From Honey Pie)

30) Who believes in Darwism/Survival of the Fittest?
“That’s what I would do to my offspring,” Hohiho said thoughtfully. “Send them on their own so they can grow big and strong and mate with other polar bears.”
Marcello stared at the walking polar bear in disbelief. “You’re a polar bear. Minx is not!”
“Survival of the fittest. Master Marcello, who has received perfect grades and never miss a day of school before and can memorize the entire periodic table at the age of ten, haven’t you heard of that?” Marcello didn’t answer. He simply gaped at Hohiho. “I apologize, Master Marcello. Once again, your pet Hohiho has given you too much credit that you have a hard time deserving.” (From Hohiho)

31) Who is a tea expert?
Lev took a sip from his cup. “I love Morean tea.”
“This is one familiar tradition to us, right Sir Takato?” Mogo asked, smiling enthusiastically.
Takato returned the smile. “If this tradition is not familiar to you all, I have failed as a commander.”
Lev leaned back slightly. “Yes, we spent more time drinking tea than actually exercising and training. It’s no wonder the other commanders look at us differently.” (From Spirits Change of Decade)

32) Who plays every type of instrument possible? (Two answers)
Teddy and Erebus (two separate excerpts? No thank you)
33) Who is a proud drug addict?
“But yeah,” Loni said, breaking our silence. “I drink. I experiment with lots of drugs.”
“I pity guys like you,” I said. “It’s like you’re purposely throwing your life away.”
“Life’s no fun if you don’t play around with it.”
Was there any common sense in this boy? Did he not go to all those lessons in school where they taught him that drugs shorten his lifespan? He must have because he was in there with me when we watched and read about it. But they did not affect him at all. He chose to do drugs and drink alcohol. He was only sixteen! What was wrong with him? (From Honey Pie)

34) Who has an ankle fetish?
“Selena love is very beautiful, no Soraki?” Takato asked with a soft smile.
Commander Soraki continued to stare at the girl as she spun and danced in the middle of the field of grass. It reminded him of the first time he ever met her. She was so carefree when she was in her own world. Even though Selena’s flowing silver hair blew against her smooth neck and her large, golden eyes sparkled in the sunlight, Soraki’s attention was held elsewhere.
“Soraki?” Takato called him again.
Soraki continued to stare at Selena and her dance. “She has very slim and beautiful ankles…” (From Spirits Change of Decade)

35) Who is allergic to grass?
“Locke you’re awake!” Padma squeaked through a couple of sneezes.
“Are you all right Padma? Are you cold?” Locke asked worriedly.
At the words ‘cold’, Padma gasped to notice that she was in her bare undergarments and Locke was without a shirt on. Locke’s entire body was bandaged with Riddle’s cloak. However, Locke didn’t seem to notice that both he and Padma were without decent clothing. Padma blushed furiously.
“No!” Padma said, almost too quickly. “I’m just…” She sneezed again and again. “I’m allergic to grass!” (from Spirits New Era)

36) Who tries to solve everything by blowing things up?
After Number One spent a good ten minutes on the piece of paper, she came back to report to her Master Xach. Master Xach inspected her paper for a long time. Number One never moved from his side. At last, Master Xach sighed and handed her back the paper.
“You do not approve Master Xach?”
Xach sighed again. “Are the extra bloodstains necessary?”
“Of course,” Number One said without a doubt. “After slicing a person up multiple times, they must bleed yes?”
“Okay,” said Xach, accepting the reasoning. “Then why did you draw so many dead skulls?”
“They are symbolic for poison Master Xach.” 
Rubbing his chin in thought, Xach continued, “And what are these slash marks? These flying colors?”
“Brainwashing techniques are affective against those who least expect it,” Number One said without a change in her solemn expression.
“There are so many black bombs in this picture,” Xach said, lifting a brow. “Explain that one.”
Number One almost smiled. “Explosives Master Xach. Surely, in order to take over the world, we must sacrifice a few buildings. No, I apologize Master Xach. It is best if we sacrifice a few continents in the process. The bigger the explosion the better impact it will have on the people.”
“You have quite a-” Xach paused. “Creative mind.”
“Why thank you Master Xach.” (From Finale)

37) Who wears his tie as his belt?
James Law loved himself above all else. He liked to stare at himself in the mirror and combed his hair while singing his favorite song- “Breaking the Law”. No, James was no ordinary student. He never tied his shoelaces the right way. He always had to tie it the “Law Way”. Lastly, to James, he would never wear his tie around his neck. Instead, he would always wear his tie around his hips and threw his belt into the nearest closet. Who needs a belt when he had a new girl over every other night? (From Spirits Change of Decade)

38) Who enjoys to eat seafood?
“What do you want then Mel?” Riddle asked sweetly.
Melantha glanced away. “Clams…”
Riddle laughed. “Right! You always used to love to eat seafood! How nostalgic. Remember that time when you-”
“Yes. Let’s move on.” (From New Era)

39) Who sleeps over 14 hours a day?
The Spiyu siblings poked their heads into Aether’s room. As expected, he was sleeping sixteen hours straight today. Cleone cursed under her breath once more about him being too lazy for his own good. Before anyone could stop her, Aesa sneaked over to Aether and drew cat whiskers on his face. (From Spirits? Home Time!)

40) Who is the only character that is canonically in love with his sister?
I will also invalid this question. Explanation- James is only in love with his sister if the fandom says so.. in order words, it’s fanon, not canon but since every single person guess James, I’ll let it go for now. Since James is already an answer, the right answer is actually Antone Chung, who is canonically in love with his twin sister Sang. However, this love is unrequited. And no, Rogelio/Rosy is perfectly fanon too APPLE.

41) Who is the only character to be poisoned for 99% of the story?
Black Lady~ (no excerpt)

42) Who likes to date talkative girls?
““My name is Jamie Yuan,” Crystal introduced herself.
“The name Jamie doesn’t suit you,” I said, making a face.
“I know.”
“Jamie sounds like a hyper, talkative girl’s name.” I would have liked that. Talkative girls were fun to start conversations with.
“I get that a lot.”
“I’m sticking to Crystal then.” I smirked. She shrugged. (From Sweet Heart)

43) Who hates to wear shoes no matter what?
Scythe from Spirits I

44) Who needs many pillows in order to sleep at night?
“Wake up sleepy head!” Sylvie nudged Jai on the side of his waist.
“Stop copying Rosy… I know you’re not her…” Jai mumbled at the corner of his lips. He turned on his back and hid his head under the mountain of white pillows. Sylvie decided that taking care of a noble was like taking care of a child. “Leave me alone… I don’t want to wake up yet.”
“You’re not rich anymore! You can’t just borrow this many pillows with my gold coins!” Sylvie shook him roughly. “I am the one with the money so I say you wake up now!”
“It’s too early!” Jai whined. He dug his head deeper in his stack of pillows. “I demand that you leave me alone!” (From Spirits New Era)

45) Who is the luckiest character in all Minnie’s stories?
In the end, after the contest was over, the winner was none other than Rhea. Everyone fell at the same time to the ground, exhausted. The game had lasted for about a day. Everyone used their own special powers to find the seeds but in the end, the luckiest member of the family found it just by walking into a room. Lady Luck always shone on Rhea! (From Spirits? Home Time!)

46) Who likes to kiss men? (Male character)
Swinging his rod around playfully, Sandler went inside without another word. Roseanna shook her head in amusement at the strange male who was raised up in Spiritua instead of Philtopia. However, the green-haired male stopped in his tracks and realized his mistake. Rushing back to Roseanna’s side, Sandler clased her hand in his and pulled her off the edge of the balcony. The minute Roseanna landed on her feet, Sandler tipped his head down and kissed her lightly on the lips.
“My goodbye to you, Roseanna,” Sandler said in a husky voice.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Dash asked, filled with jealousy.
Sandler had a loving expression in his eyes. “No need to be jealous! I did not forget about you, Mister Beautiful Dash!”
Before Dash could run for it, Sandler grabbed him and pulled him into a much more passionate kiss than he did with Roseanna a few minutes ago. After he released the poor boy, Dash staggered back into Roseanna with flaming cheeks after Sandler did his deed. The boy seemed to savor the kiss and laughed at the look on Dash’s face.
“Goodbye to you too, Dash,” Sandler licked his lips. Roseanna giggled. Dash was still speechless. “I hope we meet again!” (From Spirits New Era)

47) Who loves to eat lots of candy? (Two of them)
Soon enough, Rai grabbed a hold of the director’s left arm while Megami grabbed a hold of his right arm. At the same time, they started shaking his arm and whining about how the lack of sweets lately were bad for their bodies. For some odd reason, as I watched this, I realized that anything, even chocolate, caramel, and candy, could be as addicting as drugs or alchohol. It was a weird though indeed.
“Dark chocolate!”
“Caramel!” (From Sweet Heart)

48) Who is the self-proclaimed pessimist?
“If you can describe yourself in one word,” said Vance suddenly. “What would it be?”
“Cynical,” said Rin without a doubt. “Everyone calls me that. How about you?”
Pessimistic.” (From Gorgeous Geek)

49) Who hates the word “Hero”?
“Hero!” Xach cried, laughing.
“Shut up!” Lipse shouted back.
“Hero!” Xach did it again.
“Shut up!” Lipse repeated himself.
“I love this guy!” Xach laughed. “You are too much fun to tease, Hero.” (From Finale)

50) Who has a weakness for strawberries?
“Everyone says I don’t have any weaknesses. I am perfect. A mastermind. I am capable of anything and everything. That is far from the truth however. I have one ultimate weakness. I have a serious obsession that I don’t want anyone to know about. An obsession that haunts me day and night, every minute of the day.”
“When people tell me my hair is pink, I tell them it’s ’strawberry rose’. When people ask me why I wear a red robe at home, I tell them I like ‘ripe colors’. It’s embarassing really. The truth is the future ruler of the world, the leader of the Royal Nine, the descendent of the greatest villain to ever live, and the only Half-Demon of his kind is in love with a fruit.”
“I live in a mansion with my man servant Toma, who is really Number One or a woman in disguise. When I have done something out of control, Toma always knows how to punish me. All he has to do is wash the laundry in front of me, leaving his shiny red hair down and glancing at me with his leafy green eyes.”
“Sometimes, I wonder, do I keep Toma around because he reminds me of strawberries? Or do I love strawberries because they remind me of Toma?” (From Finale)

Some of them will make you guys go “DOH!” while others “HUH?” This quiz was fun. I’ll probably make a much shorter one next time. ^^


P.S. Sorry for the chunk guys! Most of these paragraphs won’t indent correctly…