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To Minnie’s Readers,

Im so happy to have my baby back in the palm of my hands again <3

I'm so happy to have my baby back in the palm of my hands again ❤

First of all, the best news all week- MY LAPTOP IS BACK!!!!! ^________^ I spend five minutes looking through my folder of Jin Akanishi pictures. XD I am so tempted to post a bunch of them up in a post somewhere but I am too tired right now to go into fangirl mode. I wish I have an endless supply like my friends Autumn and Marissa. I’ve been nuts over Jin Akanishi, Yamapi, and a couple of other guys in my own Minnie way (if you have MSN, look at my avatar… who do you see? Yamapi being a cutie). Those boys are just so adorable. I love my laptop. I send it in because it won’t start up (coincidentally one day after I wrote the Roselle bits about her laptop not working). But while HP repair it, they also replace my missing buttons and my broken CD component. Awesome right? They even give me a new charger. Those guys… they may have taken up 4-5 weeks to fix it but I’m quite happy. Keep up the good work guys! My dad is scared of me and broken laptops now so he upgraded my warranty to two more years. Hahaha.


Before you guys read the chapter, I’ll like to say something really quick. Thanks to my Anthropology class and my former classmate Sarah Kim, I dedicate the character Faith (who appears in this chapter) to her. Faith is mostly inspired by my college course but his appearance is thanks to Sarah who sent me these two photos above in July I believe. We used to talk so much back then and she sent me a couple of messages recently so I look through the stuff she sent me that is still on my laptop. I hope she’s doing well at her university. Good luck to her~

Anyways, it took me 4 days to finish Gorgeous Geek Chapter 24 which I must say is a record for me this month. I should be able to get Chapter 25 done by the weekend and Honey Pie Chapter 4 by tomorrow or Friday. Speaking of Friday, Gracie, Koala and I are going to visit NoHo this Friday for like 10-20 minutes at the Frisbee area to pick up those drawings you owe me (thanks btw~ <3) and to talk to Apple about something. Apple, if you don’t listen, I’ll post your sleeping pictures on my blog and my other blogs for everyone to see!~ And I dare you to say I’m being a Rosy!! Speaking of Spirits IV aka New Era, I should post those skits up already. Haha.

-Minnie sheryl24

P.S. Anyone care to guess what gender those two in the pictures are? XD