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To Honey Pie Readers,


I support LoCoco

If it’s not obvious by now, I support and endorse the term and the shipping LoCoco. Thanks to Marissa for the name. Anyways, LoCoco is not only my favorite pairing in Honey Pie (I won’t even deny it) but it ranks as one of my favorite pairings of all time. LoCoco is arguably one of the reasons why I decide to go with Cookie’s story first. Anyways, enjoy Honey Pie Chapter 4 and a list of Minnie’s favorite own pairings of all time in no particular order:

Xach/Aesa (Finale)
Xach/Tana (Finale)
Xach/Fiona (Finale)
Lucas/Ada (I, II, III, IV)
Rogelio/Talise (IV)
Jai/Sylvia (IV)
Riddle/Falina (IV)
Selena/Takato (Change of Decade)
Kazuya/Ossa (Home Time!)
Krateis/Aesa (Home Time!)
Loni/Cookie aka Loco/Coco (Honey Pie)
Rai/Megami (Sweet Heart)
KT/Jamie (Sweet Heart)
Rebecca/Sandler (Change of Decade)
Rebecca/Samuel (Change of Decade)
Rebecca/James (Change of Decade)
Rebecca/Brian (Change of Decade)
Sandler/Honsuke (Change of Decade)
Sandler/Ruri (Change of Decade)

-Minnie sheryl8