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To Gorgeous Geek Readers:

There’s a certain song that’s stuck in my head right now call “Summertime” by one of my favorite bands NEWS. Now, the question is how is this related to Gorgeous Geek? Well, the thing is I imagine the Gorgeous Geek characters singing this song. It’s kind of funky of have such vivid images of characters that don’t exist. The images and song get stuck in my head for so long that I actually wrote it out in detail what I saw at different parts of the song because I have no life. Koala says it’s because I’m passionate but I feel like I’m just doing something useful while I walk from class to class that’s all. What do you guys think about when you walk to class by yourself? I think about the next chapter. Lmao. Anyways, the vid is below and the images I have in my head are also below~ I recommend watching/reading this section AFTER you’ve read the chapter.

Extra Note: I know NEWS is an all-boy band but I imagine Rin/Jezebelle/Tiffany’s parts to be sang by females. πŸ˜› Somehow it worked in my mind…

0:00-0:23: Jin, Jezebelle, Rin, Bo, Kristian, Vance, Jordan, and Tiffany wake up in different beds; getting up and getting out of bed

0:23-0:57 aka music starts: Breakfast and out of the house- Jin and Jezebelle out of the same house with Tiffany next door; Rin out of the house with Kristian and Bo waiting; Vance already at school and reading in the corner; Jordan is sleeping in his car

0:57-1:04: Getting to school-Β  Jin and Jezebelle by subway; Tiffany by Mom’s car; Rin/Kristian/Bo by sidewalk, Vance still sitting; Jordan still sleeping

1:04-1:12: Jordan (o__O face) walking toward the camera while singing to the camera with a surfboard

1:12-1:20: Victoria, walking alongside Jordan, sings in unison with Jordan (Yeah yeah by Monika and Freda)

1:20-1:28: Bo (^__^ face) walking toward the camera while singing to the camera with a football (Oh yes by Korean Posse)

1:28-1:35: Sidney, walking alongside Bo, sings in unison with Eugene, David, and Grim in the back

1:35-2:13: Before school activities and first period; Jordan runs in almost late for first period

2:13-2:21: Getting to second period- different hallways

2:21- 2:29: Rin (>//< face) walking toward the camera while singing to the camera with a saxophone case

2:29- 2:37: Sherry, walking alongside Rin, sings in unison with Rin (Yeah Yeah by Button Cuties)

2:37- 2:45: Jezebelle (>__> face) walking toward the camera while singing with a tennis racket (Oh yes by Femme Fetales)

2:45- 2:52: Tiffany (>__> face) walking toward the camera while singing with a black notebook (This is the Summertime! by Jennifer and Eunice)

2:52-3:29: Lunchtime- activities/clubs/group members

3:29-3:37: Kristian (^__~ face) walking toward the camera while singing and rapping (Background by Cory and Roselle)

3:37-3:46: Vance (-__- face) sitting in front of the camera while singing reading his book (Background by random passerbys)

3:46-3:56: Jin walking up on a stage in the middle of the school and singing with his DS in his hands

3:56-4:03: Jordan joins Jin in his solo

4:03: 4:38: 6th Period and After School

4:38-End: Back in respective houses with thoughts on summer


Of course as a Yamapi fan, I need a gif of all the times he show up in Summertime. XDDDDDDDDDDD

Anyways, from now on, I’m going to add a check list at the end of my post to remind myself which arcs are done. Chapter 25 is here and I’ll get Chapter 26 done by the weekend (I hope). I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get Chapter 27 by the following week since I have a bunch of mid-terms and such before Spring Break. Whatever right? I mean, during Spring Break, unless I’m going somewhere, I’ll get two chapters done then. Yay~ Anyways, thanks for the support guys!

Arc Check List

jin4Throughout the story~
fi21Throughout the story~
rin1~Throughout the story