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To Minnie’s Readers:

Okay. Here’s the deal. I didn’t jump into the Adam Lambert bandwagon because of the hype. I swear the minute I laid my eyes on him and listen to his voice during the first round of auditions on American Idol, I want him to win. He has everything necessary to become the next American Idol and sell a ton of records. Adam Lambert has the most insane vocal range I have heard in a long and this is coming from someone who is taking Music Class right now. This guy is over the top, confident, and awesome. There’s nothing more I want from him except superb performances all the way through. The other people I’m cheering for are: Anoob, Kris Allen, Matt, and Megan Joy for very different reasons. In the end though, it might be a Danny (not a fan) vs Adam finale. Let’s hope for the best okay? Go Adam Lambert, the next American Idol. 🙂 For those who haven’t heard yet, go watch him sing the hell out of “Tracks of My Tears” and “Satisfaction”. ^^

No, its definitely not a shameless plug for Alto/Sheryl...

No, it's definitely not a shameless plug for Alto/Sheryl...

Making Character Tip #3: Likeable Characters Should Be Likeable and Hateable Characters Should Be Hateable.

This tip is not as obvious as many give credit for. A good writer knows how to make a character likeable or hateable. If you want a character to be both, a writer knows how to do it too. Of course not everyone has the same taste in characters but this is for a general audience. Do you want the character (in general) to be liked or hated? Do you want your audience to sympathize with your antagonist or outright hate him? How about your protagonist? Should he be hated first and then liked later? Hated throughout? Liked throughout?

If you hate a character, do not expect your readers to like him or her. Your feelings tend to reflect in your writing, whether consciously or unconsciously. If you really love a character, do not expect your readers to like him or her either. If your character is more complicated than the average character, it is harder to determine whether he or she will be likeable or not. Still, there are some obvious criteria where a character will either be hated or liked. It is not as easy as hate or love- sometimes it may be like or just meh. All of this should be considered when creating a character.

List of things to consider
1) A Murderer- what can you do to make this type of character likable?
2) A Thief- what can you do to make this type of character likable?
3) A Cheat- what can you do to make this type of character likable?

That is just a short of list to consider. Readers don’t like characters who sin… unless there’s more to that character than that. Readers also don’t like characters who DON’T sin… which falls into Tip #2 of Perfection. The best way to make a character likable is if you yourself like the character. 🙂 Keep that in mind when writing. And also keep in mind that not every reader will agree with you on what attributes are likable and what aren’t. Just try your best~ That’s all you can do! ^_^

-Minnie sheryl29