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To Gorgeous Geek Readers,

Ironically, Im using Rin as my Tsundere example.

Ironically, I'm using Rin as my Tsundere example.

There is no “official definition” to what a “tsundere” is. However, I will use one of my sources to copy and paste what it says a “tsundere” is. Why am I bringing this up? Because among my readers, there are still arguments about whether Rin and Jezebelle are “tsunderes” or not. Anyways the definition:

“A character (usually female) who runs ‘hot and cold’, flipping between aggressive and confrontational (tsuntsun, meaning “aloof” or “cranky”) and affectionate and sentimental (deredere, meaning “lovestruck”). The distinct moods usually aren’t subtle, especially with the latter ranging from ‘simple teasing’ to ‘lovestruck kindergartener who pushes you into the sandbox’. The reasons behind a Tsundere’s behavior vary, but typically rise from the conflict between her feelings about the object of her affections and her reactions to having them. This can be as simple as embarrassment or frustration at being so attracted to that boy, particularly if he has certain personality quirks or behaviors that infuriate her.”

From three readers I’ve asked in the past, this is their respond to this still on-going question:

Reader #1: “Both Rin and Jezebelle are tsunderes. Even though Jezebelle is not very tsundere toward males, she is tsundere toward females of all people. Rin is also very tsundere toward Jezebelle and her male harem.”
Reader #2: “Jezebelle is definitely not a tsundere. If you know Jezebelle, you know she is never at conflict with her feelings. Rin is a 100% tsundere because she acts violently to hide her feelings for ___.”
Reader #3: “Neither Rin nor Jezebelle are tsunderes. Jezebelle is not a tsundere because she is only tsun, no dere. Rin is not a tsundere because she selective chooses who she is tsun or dere to.”

Personally, I think all three arguments make sense to me. I’m as conflicted as everyone else. I blame on the definition of a tsundere in general. It has expanded so much that we can’t tell who is or isn’t anymore! If I have to choose though, I’ll have to say that Rin is tsundere and Jezebelle is not. But whatever. ^^ Anyways, Chapter 27 has some Rin and Jezebelle so it may be easier to decide then. I have a ton of essays to write so I won’t include an author’s note this time!

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