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To Minnie’s Readers,

My favorite couple is back! <3

My favorite couple is back! ❤

If you haven’t noticed already, FMA is out so everyone should go watch it now. The OP and the ED are both superb and are currently playing on my iTunes. The OP is by Yui who sang Rolling Star for Bleach and the ED is by Sid who sang Monochrome Kiss for Kuroshitsuji. That’s all I have to say. Oh, besides the fact that you guys should go visit me at http://heysayanime.kokidokom.net where I am blogging anime with Koala. Fun eh?

Updates: I am close to being done with Luminous Arc 2. I haven’t started on any of my homework. Sad I know. As for GG Chapter 28, I am 60% done. I am a bit slow for this chapter. Oh well~

-Minnie ami5