To Minnie’s Readers,

Ayumi knows how I feel...

Ayumi knows how I feel...

1) Read Screwed Pooch and write book report for English
2) Read Chapter 6 in DREAMS for English
3) Research and finish first draft of Anthropology Women’s Research for Women Anthropology
4) Make music CD for Music Appreciation
5) Study for Romantic Era for Music Appreciation
6) Write up that Insert Song post for Hey, Say, Anime!
7) Write two chapters for Gorgeous Geek
8 ) Write one chapter of Honey Pie
9) Marathon Casshern SINS and maybe Soul Eater
10) Finish Luminous Arc II and start on Persona 4
11) Vote for Adam Lambert for American Idol
12) Sleep 7 hours a day at least
13) Read novel for Women Anthropology

Yup. I fail at accomplishing tasks completely. Bravo Minnie. ^^;;