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To Gorgeous Geek Readers/American Idol Watchers:

Finally, some Minnie time after all that stress of Spring Semester!

Finally, some Minnie time after all that stress of Spring Semester!

First of all, I want to rant for a bit. This week is my finals week. I just finished my last test today! I aced my English test and bombed my music test. It’s okay though because I didn’t study for it because I had a research paper due on the same day as my test. XD Actually, ever since I attended Moorpark, I haven’t gotten a single B on my papers. Every single paper I’ve written so far for college has received an A- or higher. I’m so proud of myself because essays+presentations are my forte (I have never received a B on a presentation ever since 6th grade; yes, I got an A for Toy :P). On ther other hand, I can’t stand doing math problems and all that stuff. I’m glad I didn’t take any math/science class this semester. I’ll be forced to next semester though… EW! *cringe*

Unlike my other Gorgeous Geek post entries, I won’t be listing songs because I’m too much into the AI hype this year. Can anyone guess who is my favorite contestant? It’s obviously…

Drag Queen Adam Lambert~

Drag Queen Adam Lambert~

I’ve been an Adam Lambert fan since… Hollywood week with the group performances. It’s hard not to cheer for Adam with that insane vocal range. I have nothing against screeching as long as it’s on pitch and Adam hasn’t been off pitch ever this season (UNLIKE A CERTAIN DANNY GOKEY FROM TUESDAY MY EARS!! >___<). I love Adam and to quote my friend Angel from Hey, Say, Anime: “Adam’s gay?! I hate to say this but for the first time in my life, I want to be a man!” I love you Angel ❤ I wish I was as ballsy as you to say I want to be a man to be with Adam. 😛 Haha.

Anyways, my track record for American Idol so far hasn’t been bad actually as seen below:
Season 1
Minnie’s Pick: Kelly Clarkson
Winner: Kelly Clarkson
Season 2
Minnie’s Pick: Rubben Studdard
Winner: Rubben Studdard

Season 3
Minnie’s Pick: Fantasia Barrino
Winner: Fantasia Barrino

Season 4
Minnie’s Pick: Carrie Underwood
Winner: Carrie Underwood

Season 5
Minnie’s Pick: Katherine Mcphee
Winner: Taylor Hicks

Season 6
Minnie’s Pick: Melinda Doolittle
Winner: Jordin Sparks

Season 7
Minnie’s Pick: David Cook
Winner: David Cook

5/7 is not bad. Not bad at all. If Adam wins this year, it’ll be 6/8 ^__^ If Adam doesn’t win, Kris Allen should win; however, if Danny wins, I’ll do something… I’m not sure what yet but it will be something horrible. It’ll be like Taylor Hicks all over again. At least, Taylor Hicks was funny and entertaining on stage. Danny just… stands there. Yeah. Please go away Danny. >__> And Adam, I love you~ 🙂

I look like this when I'm studying... no wonder no one disturbs me XD

I look like this when I'm studying... no wonder no one disturbs me XD

Anyways, this is KILLER MAY MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!! What does it mean?! It means my brother, my friends, my teammates, and my Internet buddies are all stressing over AP’s! Hahahahah~ You guys need to endure it until college! College rocks by the way. It’s 10x better than high school. Anyways, now that I let that out, good luck to you all! Hopefully, everyone will get all 5’s! 🙂 ❤ Last but not least, I HATE THE COLLEGE BOARD but that’s a rant for another day.

Like always, the Gorgeous Geek Chapter 31 is right at the end since you guys have to either read through my entire rant above or skip a bunch to get here. 😛 I’m so evil. But seriously. American Idol Talk and College Talk are good for the soul! I know I’m late for this chapter but to be fair, I got it done 2 days ago but I had to study… and write essays… and yuck! Not thinking about it… Sorry if this chapter is full of typos/grammar errors! I have no time to proofread! I’ll try to get the next one done by… Sunday. I hope…

Please check the character chart once I set it up in the Gorgeous Geek page…


P.S. I JUST FOUND OUT ABOUT THIS A FEW MINUTES AFTER I POSTED THIS POST. WHAT THE HELL?!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s a fan pairing call KRADAM?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KRIS ALLEN/ADAM LAMBERT?!!!! *faints* MUST. REFRAIN. FROM. SHIPPING. BECAUSE. KRIS ALLEN. HAS. A. WIFE. >tempted< No wonder that these two keep touching during disco week…  They are also roomies… sleeping in the same room… and that last hug… I’m stop now >_>

BLAH, I’ll put a gif up and forget about it… I already get my daily dosage of yaoi fangirlness over Akame…