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To Gorgeous Geek Readers,

Bickering is a plus for tsunderes~

Bickering is a plus for tsunderes~

“This is exactly like last time…”
“Do you think I like to be stuck in this position with you?! I am the victim here so stop complaining!”
“I’m telling you! I’m not enjoying this either!”
“You pervert!”
“Would you be quiet for one minute?”
“Would you stop being so perverted then?”
“I didn’t ask you to be stuck in this position with you!”
“I didn’t either! This is annoying as hell!”
“You are bossy!”
“You are nosy!”
“You are loud and irrational!”
“You are stupid and ignorant!”
“You lack a feminine side!”
“And you lack a manhood!”

Locke and Black, Spirits New Era

I have no idea why but the tsundere popularity is spreading throughout the anime community, especially since all the boys on my blogging team prefer tsunderes over every other type of female character. The other day, one of my readers told me I had too many tsunderes in my stories. What? I didn’t even know the term exists until this year! I’ve been writing for ten years now! But still, it’s fun to look back and pick out all the tsunderes possible…

Ada Xieng (to Lucas)
Lucas Yeung (to Ada)
Sophie O’Haggins (to Lucas) (wow the big three are all tsunderes…)
Dirge (to Ada)
Kei (to Sherman)
Sherman (to Kei)
Kimberly Roupeez (to Kiao)

Spirits II
Ada and Lucas again
Scarlet D (to Ada)

Spirits III
No major tsunderes

New Era
Locke Xieng (to Black)
Jai Chan (to Sylvia)
Riddle Chan (to Falina)
Andrew Roupeez (to Luchia)
Arthur Law (to both Vickie and Sandy)
Talise Miriam (to Rogelio)
Philiana (to Jai)
Melantha Dian (to Locke and Riddle)
Black Lady (to Locke)
Padma Lovett (to Ranna)
Roseanna Roupeez (to every major male except for Locke)

Change of Decade
Soraki Luchmann (to Selena)
Isabelle Susan (to Steven)
Yolanda (to Steven)
James Law (to Brian/Steven)

Sweet Heart
KT Shiratori (to Rai, Quinn, Theresa, Hien, Kevin, Jenny, and Francis)
Hien Thu Tran (to KT)
Rai Shiratori (to Megami)
Melissa Shiratori (to Francis)
Jenny Shiratori (to KT)
Claire Levitsky (to Quinn)
Kevin Lee (to KT)
Jamie Yuan (to Kevin)
Theresa Alonso (to Quinn)

Gorgeous Geek
Rin Hamada (to Bo and Kristian)
Roselle Young (to everyone but Cory and Jin)
Yvette Kwan (to David)

The bold ones are tsundere through and through in every sense of the word, which I believe are not that many. Chapter 33 is here and hopefully, Chapter 34 will be out soon enough. I’m really excited to type that chapter that’s why. XD All the best parts of GG are coming slowly but they’re coming at least! So many arcs to cover~ And here is the updated relationship chart. Anyways, list of arcs that I have finished and started:

Arc Check List