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To Gorgeous Geek Readers,

Thanks to International Saimoe League going on right now and the encouragement of my fellow bloggers from Hey, Say, Anime!, I have decided to start a similar tournament with the Gorgeous Geek Characters. Although the cast has an outrageous number of 83 characters, I have reduced it to 64 characters to make for an easy number for the tournament. All the characters that are not in either haven’t been introduced or lack enough screen time to make an impact. Please vote in the Gorgeous Geek Character Tournament! I highly recommend reading Gorgeous Geek Chapter 34 before you vote in the Gorgeous Geek Character Tournament Survey. I tried the survey myself and it takes around 2 minutes so please try it out. 🙂 Thank you~

Round 1 Featured Match-Ups:

jin4 VS    roselle


Obviously, all the major characters will have an advantage over the minor characters but this is one complicated match-up. Even though Jin is the clear favorite in this match-up, Roselle is a strong and stubborn contender to his first win. She won’t let Jin beat her without a fight. While Jin is growing popular with both the readers and the characters in the story, Roselle also has an advantage of having her arc finished two chapters ago, which should be fresh in readers’ minds. Who will come out the victor? The title character or his best friend’s latest girlfriend?

rin1 VS  Tiffany


Even though it is only the first round, two major characters are already up against one another. Out of the three major female characters, Tiffany has received the least amount of screen time and the least amount of love from the readers, making Rin the obvious winner. However, Tiffany has a small hopeful advantage over Rin- Rin is losing grip of her emotions yet again and going downhill in her relationship with Kristian in the latest chapter while Tiffany stays neutral to the events around her. Will this beacon of  hope help Tiffany win over her more popular and emotional opponent?

Xuan Lan VS  Juliet


In the context of the story, Xuan Lan and Juliet might be the best of friends as well as rivals in love but here at the GG Character Tournamnet, they are now opponents. Both girls have equal amount of screen time and equal amount of love so far. Xuan Lan and Juliet are also both part of the Femme Fatales and loyal followers to Jezebelle. They are both adorable characters in their own ways. Will Xuan Lan win out thanks to her moe-ness? Or will Juliet win out with the help of both her parents from Sweet Heart?

Monika2 VS  Jinx


The line ‘lesser of two evils’ comes to mind when it comes to this match. In every good story, there are characters that make characters pull their hair out and both of these girls do it quite well. While Jinx proves to be an ungrateful cousin to Kristian, Monika proves to be the major obstacle stopping Jin from becoming the leader of the Populars. Both girls have little to no chance of winning the whole thing but they can at least outdo one another. How will this play out? Will Jin’s enemy be able to top Kristian’s foe?

lydia VS  Cash


Little did Lydia know, she will face her boyfriend’s punching bag from last chapter in the first round. There are a lot going for both of them since both of their characters arcs have just started last chapter. The half-Indian beauty might not have a lot of screen time but she has one major and recent phone call with Rin Hamada. The same can be said about the fruit-loving Caucasian male who has major scenes so far in regards to his infatuation with Wendy Wilshire. Despite Lydia’s lack of screen time, will Cash’s backlash from going against Jordan hurt him more and cost him the first round?