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To Gorgeous Geek Readers,

2 down~ 61 more to go!

2 down~ 61 more to go!

Once the list of undefeated candidates shorten, I will start typing them into the chapter post itself. I’m sure with two more rounds, more characters will have one defeat on their hands. I’m pretty sure none of my characters will go through this tournament undefeated (yes, I’m looking at you Jin). For those of you who don’t know, every character are going against each other with a finale at the end to determine who the winner is. Anyways, before the chapter, a message for a couple of people.

Steve/Bearin: Thanks for answering my question about whether Jin is a stereotypical protagonist or not in that e-mail. I knew I can count on you for an essay answer ❤

Gracie: We should hang out even after school ends like we did last year! >//< When’s the last day of school? :O

Apple: Register already. XD

Autumn: Graduation ticket? *sparkly eyes* Please? When’s the last day of school? XD (Just in case Gracie doesn’t answer)

Marissa: Make me a Jin avatar too? ^.^ Blah, I need to catch up on FMA Brotherhood too >___<

Koala: LAKERS FTW! ^________________^ Another victory~

Anyways, I’ll stop bothering you guys now and give Chapter 36 already. Like I always, I highly suggest you read the chapters before you vote for Gorgeous Geek Character Tournament Round 3. Thanks! Also, I told you I would update fast this time! See? 😛 Even if I am down with a cold I finished T_T I’m sick so… please don’t bother me about Chapter 37 until Friday though I will try to get it out earlier…

Note: I only add the arc list now if it’s updated. If not, I don’t add it to save space. ^^;;

Featured Matches:

fi2 VS  Tiffany


Every GG reader should know by now that Ms. Jezebelle Phoebe Tilly doesn’t take defeat well and with a lost so early in the competition, she needs every win she can get from here on out. The unfortunate candidate happens to be someone Jezebelle is much too familiar with. If there is one fact that can be proven by interaction in the story alone, it is that Jezebelle and Tiffany do not like each other… at all. Both of them are quite close to Jin and if there is a showdown in the end for Jin’s heart, it will most likely be between these two. Although Jezebelle seems to be the clear winner, we must remember something important- Jezebelle lost to Roselle who lost to Rin who crushed Tiffany. How will this match turn out?

david VS   Eugene

DAVID SHIN (2-0)   VS   EUGENE KIM (1-1)

On the surface, it looks like David got this in the bag with him winning two matches already with a steady record. However, let’s keep in mind that Eugene’s single lost is none other than to Rin Hamada who is merciless to all her opponents thus far. Anyways, these two Korean boys aren’t the best of friends but they’re not the worst of friends either in the Korean Posse. Actually, David and Eugene are pretty cool with each other. If it were up to them, they wouldn’t want this match to happen and so early on too. This match is crucial to both of them if they want to pick up momentum from here on. Who will get this much needed boost?

MayMai VS   Mary-Lou


Are two characters better than one?  Bailey/Joseph Cruz say yes, but the others haven’t been doing so well against their one candidate opponents. This time, both May and Mai are against Mary Lou who has been suffering in this competition as much as they. There is a chance that this can go either way since they are both very reserved, shy girls who don’t speak much against their more talkative classmates- May/Mai with the tennis girls and Mary Lou with the Geek Squad girls. Who will be the one to pick up this much needed win though? The Chinese best friends or the socially inept future nurse?

Tristan VS   Eddie


If I made this competition fixed instead of random, I wouldn’t allow such a precious match to happen so early in the competition, especially when I haven’t revealed much about either boys. What do they have in common? Well let’s say they mutually co-lead the popular Caucasian male group Pimp Juice which has a main and side branch. Eddie has the most power over the main branch and Tristan to the side branch. Everyone at Wilson knows the name of these two boys and everyone is also scared of them. Eddie is basketball captain; Tristan is football captain. Since both of them hold a grudge against Jordan, it doesn’t look pretty for either of them. Who will win with all these similarities- Monika’s boyfriend or Lydia’s?