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To GG Readers,

Congrats to Fi for winning both her featured rounds~

Congrats to Fi for winning both her featured rounds~

I am finally back from vacation and with your next Chapter 43 done at the hotel in the evenings! I’m so proud of myself. Then again, there’s nothing else better to do at a hotel right? Besides, this is one of those developing chapters so I want to get it out of the way quickly so I can get to the fun stuff. Yes, the arcs are coming along nicely. I might drop a couple of characters at this rate though or combine them a lot since I’m running out of chapters unless I want to extend it. Actually, I think I’ll leave it to the climax to decide. ^^;; Also, thank you for voting last time guys and here is Round 12.  Like always, please vote after the chapter. Thank you~

Featured Matches:

Alejandro VS Faith


Both of these minor male characters are strong contenders in the top sixteen currently with only one loss each. Alejandro and Faith have one thing in common- their arcs are done but their stories are not. Faith and Alejandro may not know each other that well but they do know that they’re two of the few minor male characters left in the top sixteen. Since they both finish their arcs, they will have hard opponents later on from other characters who finish their arcs so they want to get every early win they can get now. This is a crucial win for both of them so who will come out on top? The Beast or the Third Sex?

jin4 VS Vance2


Eleven rounds down and fifty-one more rounds to go. There are still fifty-one rounds left for Jin to suffer his first defeat, but Vance doesn’t want to wait that long for Jin to fall. Vance is one of the few characters in the whole story who Jin cannot stand and who cannot stand Jin either. They have been rivals from the very beginning with a few misunderstandings here and there. Since they haven’t been getting along, they are both looking forward to winning this round against each other. If Vance lose yet another round, he will suffer the borderline cutline with Bo. If Jin lose another round, he will drop a lot of rank from Jordan, Kristian, and Rin. Both of them have a lot to lose. How will this match turn out for the Gorgeous Video Game Geek and the Pessimistic Computer Geek?

Joyce VS Tasha


Tennis team girls are actually doing very well in the tournament in comparison to many other groups. Out of all the tennis girls, Joyce and Tasha are very high in rankings, closing in to Jezebelle and Roselle. For this match though, they are unable to help each other and their tennis girl prides. They are against one another for Round 12 and neither of them want to lose. However, neither of them want to beat the other one either based on their personalities. Still, since it’s a tournament, these two Asian girls will have to do their best to be in the top 16. With Alejandro vs Faith in the same round, there’s a huge chance for Tasha to drop out of the top 16. Winning will help Joyce go up rank and keep Tasha in the top 16 longer. Who will it benefit from Faith/Alejandro match? Who will not?

-Minnie bloominglove