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To GG Readers,

Jamie and Kristian won their bonus rounds~

Congrats to Jamie and Kristian for winning their bonus rounds~

Thank you very much for voting everyone, especially in those fun bonus rounds last time. XD As you can see above, Kristian and Jamie both won theirs. XD I’ll wait for a couple of chapters until I do that bonus round thing again. It’s fun to see how SH characters go against GG characters. ^^ Anyways, Chapter 45 is slightly tough since I need to finish up bits of the Odette arc and start others. I am VERY SORRY about the lousy format of that chapter but Zoho won’t cooperate with me today. >_<

Since I’m trying to get all 63 rounds done, here is Round 13 and 14. 🙂 Please vote after this chapter. ^^ Other than that, I’ve been on a Yamapi rampage with my bestie Koala and well, you know what happens… everything gets pushed back a bit on the priority list. I swear I’ll at least type one chapter a week despite my current Yamapi obsession so no worries. I’m trying to finish two of his dramas right now and also, I discover something… Yamapi is not as normal as I thought he was. He’s afraid of insects! XP

Featured Matches:

Round 13

Alejandro VS david


If there is one huge thing David and Alejandro have in common, it is them both losing to the third sex Faith Santana. Both of them lost to Faith in a landslide so it’s hard to determine who is has the better odds of winning this round when up against one another. In rankings, currently, they are 10 and 11 respectively. With less than fifty rounds to go after this, will they manage to hold onto their positions above the top sixteen cutoff? Especially when characters like Bo and Cash are threatening to push them down and take their spots? With both their arcs over, they have to grab every win they can before the end. Both of these boys are in a shaky position right now. Who will tumble over first?

bo VS Joyce


What an exciting round this is! Much like the Jordan and Roselle face-off in Round 14, Bo will have to go against his ex-girlfriend for Round 13. Although Bo has more wins and higher voting percentage than Joyce, Bo has a huger reputation to maintain as one of the major characters of GG as well. He has already lost to not only one but two minor characters. Even though Bo has suffered in the hands of both of Jordan’s girlfriends, he cannot slip up and let his own ex beat him this early in the competition. Joyce is not doing well after her early undefeated streak so she needs the momentum to get back in the top sixteen like before. Bo does as well though so he can’t let her win this round either. Will Bo manage to join the other major characters or stay in the back seat with Tiffany? Or will Joyce be too hard of an opponent?

Edwin VS   Jinx


The chances of either of these candidates making the top sixteen is slim to none at this point. However, they are both very close to the bottom as well, which isn’t good for either of their reputations. Sure, Edwin has been an eyesore to Rin. Sure, Jinx has been an eyesore to Kristian. But surely they both have a good chance against one another right? Since most of this competition is devoted to watching the top half of the competition, Jinx and Edwin haven’t been getting much spotlight. However, since Edwin’s arc is coming up, will this be his time to shine? Or are there too many anti-Edwin fans?

Round 14

jordan1 VS roselle


This is a match I don’t want to vote for either but alas, here it is. Jordan has to face his latest girlfriend- the blunt, offensive Roselle Young- in this match! Even though Jordan and Roselle don’t have romantic feelings for each other, they respect and like one another, enough to date and work together. Both of them are safely in the top 16 currently with Jordan as number four and Roselle as number seven. Actually, Roselle’s only lost so far is to none other than Jordan’s best friend Jin. Unlike Roselle though, Jordan has yet to face Jin in the tournament yet. If he wishes to beat his overly popular best friend, he has to take down his own girlfriend this round. Roselle is stubborn though since she thinks that she can take on all the other major characters after beating Jezebelle early in the competition. Will Jordan take this win and ready himself for Jin? Or will Roselle prove that even a minor character like her can kick this white boy’s ass?

Grim VS Faith


If there is one match to watch out for, it is this one. Grim have the same voting percentage as two other boys around his standings- Alejandro and David. Both of these boys are facing each other in Round 13 and both of them have lost against the gender confused Faith before. This does not look good for Grim. Despite the odds working against him, Grim believes that he can do what his friend David cannot do- take down the blue-haired ‘boy’. The blogowner believes that since his love story is stronger than Faith’s, he can outlast Faith. As for Faith, he believes his short arc is enough to beat Grim. Both of these boys are overconfident. Both of them are not backing down. Who will victory shine on?

Sherry VS lydia


There is no doubt that Sherry and Lydia are very attached to one another. Besides being in the Button Cuties together, they joined the science team together as friends and rivals. However, they have no ill feelings toward one another at all. Actually, they are two of the most helpful friends Rin Hamada has in the whole school. Sherry is very supportive of KrisRin and Lydia is very supportive of Rin dating. Both of these girls are KrisRin fans if anything and they both love Rin very much. Sadly, they’re up against one another with Sherry with more losses. Which cute girl will gain another win to her records? The animal-lover Sherry or the gossip-lover Lydia?

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