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To GG Readers,


Before I talk about the next round and the chapter, I need to make a Yamapi drama check list for myself. My goal is to finish every drama Yamapi is in to get over my obsession. My reasoning? If I see too much of him, he’s not so special anymore. XD Good luck to me?

Yamapi Drama/Movie:

Stand Up! Completed
Kurosagi Movie Completed
Code Blue Episode 9
Proposal Daisakusen Episode 1
Nobuta wo Produce Episode 1
Love Love Letter Plan to Watch
Dragon Zakura Plan to Watch
Lunch Queen Plan to Watch
Kurosagi the Drama Plan to Watch
Buzzer Beat Once It’s Done Plan to Watch

Other Non-Yamapi drama/movie planning to watch:

Gokusen 1, 2, 3
Yukan Club
Honey & Clover
Hana Kimi
Absolute Boyfriend
Nodame Cantabile
Hana Yori Dango
Hotaru no Hikari

Will I be able to finish all this before summer vacation? Heck no, but I’ll aim for half of Yamapi’s list for now. ❀

Roselle and Jordan are tied right now~ I'll probably have to vote myself to break the tie. :P
Roselle and Jordan are tied right now~ I’ll probably have to vote myself to break the tie for Round 13/14. πŸ˜›

Yeah, I made that picture urm… warrior theme thanks to Koala’s funny mental image of a war going on between Jin and Jordan without them knowing it. XP Any case, I’ll extent the last voting round longer because one, I couldn’t get it done and two, there are a couple of ties so I would rather someone else vote than myself. XD In any case, Chapter 46 does not end the day in GG unfortunately since I am really bad at outlining this story so I’ll get Chapter 47 out as soon as possible. I like to type up chapters slower if it’s the beginning of the next day for whatever reason so this will most likely be a fast update. I know Round 15 is not very exciting but please bear with me~

Featured Matches:

Yvette VS roselle


If there is one person Roselle opposes on the tennis team, it’s her captain Yvette. If there is one person Yvette wants to keep under control, it is her teammate Roselle. Yvette and Roselle have a long history of fighting since Roselle joined the team. These two have been at each other for so long that an actual match between them is going to happen eventually. Now seems like the time. Even though Roselle seems to have the upperhand, there is one thing she must keep in mind. In the previous unfinished round 13, Yvette is currently beating Kristian Shiratori who has an undefeated streak so far. If Yvette can win against Kristian (she most likely will at this point), the leader of the Killers, how can this possibly go well for the newest member of the Killers? Can Roselle beat such a hard opponent for her leader or will she go down like he most likely will?

Jennifer VS Faith


In the context of the story, Jennifer has a crush on Faith. However, outside of the story, she is his latest opponent. Since the beginning of the competition, Faith has only lost one match to Wendy Wilshire, who is currently number one in seeding. However, he is on the verge of losing to Grim at the moment in one of the unfinished rounds so he might be going downhill from here. His momentum is losing steam slowly. Jennifer has enough fans to pull her through to defeat Faith at his lowest. Will Jennifer be able to pull a miracle over the person she likes or will Faith prove why he’s in the top 16 and she’s not?

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