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Hiya Guys,

Go Kyoko! You can do it!

Go Kyoko! You can do it!

This is a random quick message on my part. ^_^ My friend’s friend is hosting a Shoujo moe competition and well, Kyoko Mogami from Skip Beat is in an extra round against Dia from Shugo Chara. I’m writing this message, hoping that my friends will go here and vote for Kyoko because one, she’s more interesting and moe than Dia and two, five/six main girls moving on to the third round are… well… Shugo Chara characters… I don’t want such a dull competition >_> SO! Please vote for Kyoko Mogami at ek-sen-trik if you can. If you like Dia better, you may vote for her~ It’s your choice! ^.^ Thanks everyone~