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To GG Readers,

I’m not going to rant much this time because well, I have some anime and Yamapi drama to take care of. Actually, add Dragon Zakura and Proposal Daisakusen to that completed list from earlier. XD Two more episodes of Code Blue and another Yamapi drama done. I am so proud of myself and I think my Yamapi obsession is not as bad anymore. My parents will be disappointed. They think he’s a good influence on me. Oh wait. I said I won’t rant. Here is Chapter 48. It’s pretty long but it’s sort of worth it?

Since I waited until the last minute to do the rounds, I’m going to skip it again for this chapter. XD I’m too exhausted and I like this chapter to be read as soon as possible~ Now to fill up space for this post… pictures of some JE boys that I actually care about XD (some I don’t care about):

1) Jin Akanishi


2) Tomohisa Yamashita aka Yamapi


3) Ikuta Toma


4) Hideaki Takizawa aka Tackey


5) Jun Matsumoto aka MatsuJun


6) Yuri Chinen


7) Kazuya Kamenashi aka Kame