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To GG Readers,

I’m not going to rant much this time because well, I have some anime and Yamapi drama to take care of. Actually, add Dragon Zakura and Proposal Daisakusen to that completed list from earlier. πŸ˜„ Two more episodes of Code Blue and another Yamapi drama done. I am so proud of myself and I think my Yamapi obsession is not as bad anymore. My parents will be disappointed. They think he’s a good influence on me. Oh wait. I said I won’t rant. Here is Chapter 48. It’s pretty long but it’s sort of worth it?

Since I waited until the last minute to do the rounds, I’m going to skip it again for this chapter. πŸ˜„ I’m too exhausted and I like this chapter to be read as soon as possible~ Now to fill up space for this post… pictures of some JE boys that I actually care about πŸ˜„ (some I don’t care about):

1) Jin Akanishi


2) Tomohisa Yamashita aka Yamapi


3) Ikuta Toma


4) Hideaki Takizawa aka Tackey


5) Jun Matsumoto aka MatsuJun


6) Yuri Chinen


7) Kazuya Kamenashi aka Kame