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The End of JoRos and the Start of...?

The End of JoRos and the Start of...?

I have to say one thing before you read Chapter 49. It is quite a cruel chapter to stop this story completely and start a new one. Seriously. I have a tendency to lose inspiration for stories at around 55-60 chapter mark. I stopped New Era at around 57 chapters. Sweet Heart only had 55 chapters. However, I can say this at least: If I stop GG and pick up a new project, I will do it after Chapter 50, not Chapter 49 because that’ll be really mean. And no, Chapter 49-50 is not the climax but it is indeed the end of one of the longest character arcs. My goal is to get Saturday and Sunday in the GG timeline done before school starts. What does this mean? I’ll concentrate on GG and the tourney as much as possible and little of anything else (sorry Yamapi <3).

Round 17 and 18 are up for this chapter. Because the next chapter is a turning point, expect Rounds 19, 20, 21, and 22 next time. Of course, I’ll make sure there will be a couple of amazing matches for these rounds for next time. Expect GG Chapter 50 and the next Char Tourney Rounds to be up soon. ^_^

Featured Matches:

Round 17

Yvette VS david


The destined Korean couple yet not are now up against one another in this early round 17. Looking at the top 16, there are quite a handful of Koreans making their names there, including the bossy Yvette and determined David. At exactly the same number of wins and losses, they are entering this match with similar voter percentage and odds of winning. They are one of the best pairs in this competition, behind JezJin, KrisRin, BB/JC, and JoRos (ex pair?). However, while they have the same goal of staying in the top 16, neither of them can go easy on the person they like. Jordin crushed Roselle so will this trend continue where David will crush Yvette? Or is Yvette’s more recent arc will help her push her man down the list?

rin1 VS bo


If there is one downfall of Bo Sungwoo in this tournament so far, it is that he has been going against a hard schedule thus far. Actually, his three losses are none other than Jordan and his two ex-girlfriends. It’s not looking good for Bo so far because Rin manages to have a higher voter percentage than all three characters Bo lost to. Having said that, the character with the advantage going in the round doesn’t necessarily win. As indicated by her boyfriend’s lost a few rounds ago, no one is safe in this competition, not when Rin’s faults are laid out in the most recent chapter. Since Bo has been safe in the background so far, he can make use of Rin’s downside right now to claim this victory for himself. How will this battle turn out? Will the Queen or the Knight take charge?

jordan1 VS BaileyJoseph


to be added

Grim VS Kirk

GRIM (15-1) VS KIRK KELLY (11-5)

Even though the number of wins do not look bright for Kirk Kelly, it is too early to count him out of the competition yet. For one thing, he is the reason why Bailey Bambridge and Joseph Cruz are no longer undefeated. To prove his worth after his arc, Kirk wants to show that he can pick a fight with a hard opponent and win. Out of all the minor characters, Grim indeed is a tough one to go against, especially after his win over the favorite Faith from a few rounds ago. If there is one thing Grim and Kirk don’t agree on, it is loyalty. While Grim is the loyal best friend who hasn’t managed to confess to the girl he likes yet, Kirk isn’t looking for love. What will happen between these two very different characters? Which tennis boy will see the light of victory?

Round 18

Vance2 VS Cash


For a major character, Vance is not doing very well compared to the others. With the exception of Tiffany, Vance is not even in the top sixteen right now. However, much to his dismay, the fruity Cash Grahams is in the top 16. Barely though. Cash is holding onto his Number 16 seed very tightly at this point and he doesn’t want to let it go to someone as apathetic as Vance. If there is one trait that Cash is known for, it is his competitiveness, both on the team and toward Jordan. In order to stay in the top sixteen, Cash has to make use fo his competitiveness and hardwork to stay there. Can Cash break through this round with top points for his solo team? Or will he be a little short of the championship?

Tasha VS MayMai


Back in the early rounds, Tasha is one of the few female characters who remain undefeated. May and Mai lost their first match in the first round. With this kind of difference, is there any chance at all for May and Mai to make a comeback against such a fierce opponent? They might have little to no chance of being in the top sixteen but they do have a huge chance of climbing firmly into the upper half with their arcs done. However, Tasha has a reasonable chance of making the top sixteen still so a lost to May and Mai will hurt her chances a lot. Either way, they have something to win and lose. What will happen to these three tennis girls?

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