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May and Mai duo win out against Tasha for a much needed victory~

May and Mai duo win out against Tasha for a much needed victory~

Like I said before, this isn’t the climax or much of a turning point chapter really now that I think about it. It’s just important because it finishes a couple of important arcs. πŸ˜› This is also one of the chapters I’ve been waiting to write since the beginning. With Chapter 50 completed, I feel like I can retire from GG without worries. Alas, there is that one climax chapter I want to type and a couple of arcs I really want to share with everyone so I won’t stop here. Oh well. 😦 You’re not rid of me yet! Hehe. Please enjoy the chapter!

The following descriptions for Rounds 19-22 should not be read until the end of the chapter. Repeat after me. Do not read the descriptions until the END of the chapter. It’s better that way I assure you. Since these rounds are really huge, I am expecting everyone to vote fairly and on time. If I get Chapter 51 out by tomorrow, too bad. πŸ˜› I’m sort of joking. Anyways, Round 19-22! Please vote!

Round 19

rin1 VS jordan1

#2 RIN HAMADA (18-0) VS #3 JORDAN GREENE (18-0)

Besides being undefeated in this competition and major characters, Rin and Jordan are also part of the Big Four along with Jin and Jezebelle. Looking at voting percentages, Rin has a slight margin over Jordan. Looking at the winnings so far, Rin has taken down Bo, Vance, and Tiffany of the major characters. Jordan has only done the same to Bo. As for who will win the competition, Jin and Rin were both selected as the obvious favorites to win. Jordan wasn’t even mentioned. However, with the amount of momentum Jordan has received recently in the tournament as well as the abundant screen time lately, Jordan might actually stand a chance against the tsundere queen at this point. They both have major weaknesses in character and in relationships. While Rin is struggling through her first relationship, Jordan is struggling through his first crush. While Rin is weak in English, Jordan is weak in math. While Rin is losing Jin, Jordan is losing himself. If there is one major thing they have in common, it is that they want to be Number One to Jin. Both of them will face him eventually in the future. But who will be the stronger opponent for the main character of Gorgeous Geek? The former best friend or the current best friend?

Round 20

kirk VS Cash

#17 KIRK KELLY (13-5) VS #16 CASH GRAHAMS (13-5)

First of all, I found a better picture of Kirk so I changed the old one. XD Anyways, a match between Kirk and Cash is a match made in heaven. If there is one thing these two boys have, it is a strong desire… to climb to the top! Yes, there’s something extraodinary about these two boys. For one thing, they both started out weak and made their way rapidly upwards. While others like Alejandro and Joyce are falling every round, Kirk and Cash keep on running up that slope. They might falter a couple of times like Cash’s lost to Jezebelle and Kirk’s lost to Jin, but they’re not giving up just yet. Ever since their quarrel over Wendy a few chapters back, Kirk and Cash have been rivals for the most improved minor character award. However, who is really the most improved character? Jezebelle’s lanky or Wendy’s lanky?

Round 21

jojorobbiejojorobbie VS MayMai


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Round 22

Eunice3 VS Venus

#21 EUNICE HONG (12-6) VS #18 VENUS HERMOSA (12-6)

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