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To GG Readers,

Currently watching NwP: Shuuji, Akira, and Nobuta ftw!

Currently watching NwP: Shuuji, Akira, and Nobuta ftw!

I am almost back to school and I fail to make my deadline since well, Yamapi and Koala distracted me again. 😦 I hate you two so much. Though, on the bright side, I discover the amazing Akira aka Yamapi’s character in Nobuta wo Produce (J-dorama). God, I haven’t loved a drama character as much as him since Lee Da Hae’s character in My Girl (K-Drama). Seriously, for all those who haven’t watched My Girl yet, go watch it now. There is one thing I usually dislike about female leads in K-dramas… it is their too goody two-shoes if you know what I mean. Sure, some of them are spunky and some are hot-tempered but overall, they’re all way too good to be true and always win the male lead. My Girl made a breakthrough for me as my favorite Korean drama (comedy-wise at least) for having a female lead that is *gasp* gray. Yup, she’s not a Miss Mary Sue and she actually has a ton of personality. She’s both good and bad at the same time. XD She’s so quirky and fun too. God, I love her. And now, I love Akira. If there is one thing that makes a drama for me, it’s originality OR a fabulous character. My Girl had both and I highly recommend it. So far, Nobuta has one but Akira makes up for it big time. I think this is the first time I love the character more than the actor who plays it and this is coming from a Yamapi fan. See the following:


Even though I have like a billion gifs of Yamapi’s KONKON besides the one up there, I’ll just leave it with one huge image:


I also discover recently that Maki plays the main character of Hana Kimi and even if I really dislike the manga to some extent (no offense to fans; I simply don’t see what’s the big deal since it’s ridden with cliches), I guess I can try the drama out just because Maki AND Toma is in it. And you guys know how much I love Toma and Maki. 😛 Though I guess the lack of Yamapi/Matsujun/Abe/Kame/Teppei/Oguri will slow me down somewhat in watching it but I’ll get to it eventually. XD Also, is it true that both Oguri and Matsujun is in Hana Yori Dango? Now, I have to watch that because I love both of them too much. Okay. Enough of drama talk. Let’s move on to GG!

Congrats Kirk for beating Cash in the last match~

Congrats Kirk for beating Cash in the last match~

If you want to know the results of the last four matches, go check out the sticky post. In any case, Chapter 51 is not too exciting and no arcs are done here but character relationship development are necessary right? I don’t have much to say for this chapter except that I hope even when all of you guys go back to school (later than me damn you all), you will still read and comment and vote for Round 23. 😛 If you don’t comment and vote, I won’t type anymore. Well… not really. But I’ll get bored and type the new story. XD

Speaking of the new story, I have the title and summary sort of done. I’m not sure what genre I want it to be in quite yet but I’m working on that as we speak. It’s a short and sweet type of story. Not too long and complicated as GG. I’m estimating it to be around 30 chapters or less. Then, when I’m done with it, I’ll go back to Honey Pie since I have to figure out the outline for that better. What a hard story to type. Anyways, the new story is called Classy and Cool. The character cast is limited like Honey Pie so maybe you guys will have an easier time with the characters. ^_^ I’ll put up the summary next time. Maybe. 😉

Featured Matches:

Eunice3 VS Yvette


Even though Yvette is one of the most disliked character early in the story, she has worked hard to make it to where she is now. Yvette is in the top 10 at the moment with no sign of any clear weaknesses in sight. She has taken down not only David and Vance, but frontrunners Roselle and Kristian as well. Her only notable lost so far is to Faith Santana. Today, she is up against one of the Asian Gossip Girls and the most popular one at that. Compared to Jennifer and Tiffany, Eunice is doing extremely well for very little screen time. Even though Eunice has snagged many notable wins, she keeps losing to hard opponents such as Jordan and Roselle. Will Eunice be able to prove herself by defeating the opponent who crushed Roselle who she lost to a few rounds ago?

Xuan Lan VS david


In the same round as Yvette vs Eunice, David Shin is up against a very cute Asian girl name Xuan Lan aka Spring. Unlike his bud Jin Song, David doesn’t have a lolita complex. He’s not going to show any mercy to this girl this time around. On the surface, Xuan Lan may not look like a hard match for David, but she has many advantages on her side. One, her arc is finished a lot more recent than David’s. Two, David has been losing a lot recently to opponents he thought he would win against. While David is not doing so hot, Xuan Lan has a chance to strike the Korean boy down and out of the top sixteen. In this tennis match, will the JV Girls’ Tennis Sweetheart or the Varsity Boys’ Tennis Lovable Idiot win?

-Minnie 2d7630ee6a75