To GG Readers,

Because I'm a Yamaki fan (since Kurosagi) and Maki has Rin-chan's hairstyle...
Because I’m a Yamaki fan (since Kurosagi) and Maki has Rin-chan’s hairstyle…

I am back to school! Yay! So far, I have already taken my Creative Writing class and Geology class. Judging by the people in my writing class, it seems I’ll fit in. They all seem so enthusiastic about writing! Finally, there are people like me at my college. >//< As for Geology, it’s the same as last time. Hopefully, this time I don’t need to drop it like I did last time. 😦 My transfer credits require me to take a science class and what better than to take geology (over physics, chemistry and those other icky stuff!). ^_^ Oh and I need a lab… blah to that. >___<

This Chapter 52 is actually pretty fun to write. It’s a tad long though. If I can keep up this pace, I should be able to finish Saturday in two chapters (52 and 53). If not, I’ll go overtime with Chapter 54. However, this means I’ll have to make Sunday one or two chapters instead of the planned three chapters. If I can get past Chapter 57 for this story, I have surpassed New Era in terms of chapters! Hurray~ I’m sure that if I can get over the Chapter 60 mark without losing inspiration, I should be able to go all the way to the end (or at least to the climax and decide to screw you guys over by stopping :P). As of the moment, GG has been changed from 80 chapters to 90. Yes, I know. That’s a LOT of chapters. The reason for the change is that I don’t know how I am able to include all the arcs and the plot-related stuff in the remaining 28 chapters…

In conclusion, I’m terribly sorry for writing so much. Hopefully, you guys don’t get sick of the characters. >_< At times like this, I’m thankful for the more minor characters to spice the story up. ^^;; Anyways, in my head, my estimation for the plot-related major characters’ arcs sort of go like this:

Jin 40%
Jezebelle 20%
Jordan 80%
Rin 40%
Kristian 40%
Bo 90%
Tiffany 10%
Vance 80%

The major difference between my original draft in my head and this draft is that Jordan’s arc come much later and Tiffany’s arc come much sooner. Somehow, the two are switched (but not really). I am just about done with Vance’s (in the upcoming 10 chapters maybe?). Jordan and Bo’s final bits are near the end. Tiffany’s are mostly at the end now. I’m gradually working on Jin/Jezebelle’s. Rin/Kristian’s are actually moving a lot faster than Jin/Jezebelle’s even though I didn’t intend that in the beginning. I am sure theirs will finish first and then leave like 20 chapters left for Jin/Jezebelle. Somehow for this story, I fail to organize it better. XD Sorries. I think it should all work out by the end though. >optimistic like always<

Last but not least, my laptop keeps overheating so I don’t know if I’ll be able to get the GG char tourney up and running by next chapter but I’ll try my best! I want to keep up this pace for the tourney because it’s going just about right for my remaining chapters. Let’s hope I get my laptop fixed soon. ^^ As for now, you guys will have to settle for the list of arcs since I got another one done~

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