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To GG Readers,

Yvette claims yet another victory last round~ Spooky picture <3

Yvette claims yet another victory last round~ Spooky picture ❤

I manage to get a hold of my tournament stuff as well as the download program I need for it, therefore Gorgeous Geek Character Tournament is back with Rounds 24 & 25. Like always, vote after the chapter please!

I’m not sure how I’m able to finish this tourney before the end of GG if I don’t double up from now on. In other words, unless I have no time, I will double up rounds from now on. No more single rounds. XD If I have to, I’ll have to take one whole day to work on future rounds ahead of time, which means no Minnie for a day. XD I hope you guys can live~

I manage to finish Chapter 55 way sooner than I expected thanks to me typing half of the chapter this one morning instead of reading for British Literature (bad me). Anyways, it’s a pleasant chapter with some information on this and that as well as the conclusion of yet another character arc. I believe that this is the week in GG where I start skipping days. o__O

Featured Rounds:

Round 24

Yvette   VS   Victoria


Using her win against Kristian as a jump start, Yvette has been winning ever since against hard and easy opponents left and right. Up next on her list is the melancholy Victoria Hopkins who is currently in the top 16 with her. Despite Victoria not having much screen time in the story, she has been doing extremely well in this tournament. Even though Victoria’s chances against Yvette are slim, she knows that many other characters are gaining momentum and climbing into the top 16. At this rate, Victoria will drop out before the Double Elimination Round early. This win against Yvette will prove that she has what it takes to stay there for a while longer. Will Yvette break through yet another opponent or will Victoria’s determination to stay in the top 16 help her?

Venus   VS   Sherry


If there is a curse Venus is doomed with, it is the fact that she keeps losing to characters who are done with their arcs. Unfortunately for her, her early competition so far has been too tough for her to handle especially since her arc hasn’t come up yet. For Sherry, she’s been under the rador for most of the tournament, being overshadowed by her friends Rin and Lydia.  With her arc done, she has time to shine and against the unlucky Venus. Will Venus be able to get past her curse of losing to characters who just finished their arcs? Or will Sherry prove that she’s the Button Cutie that everyone has been underestimating all along?

Round 25

fi2   VS   kristian3


If there are two major gray characters in this story, they are Jezebelle and Kristian respectively. Besides this, they have a lot in common. First and far most, they both lost to a minor character. Second, they have similar personalities and roles in the story. Third, they have the same voting percentages and winnings. There is no telling who is going to come out of this round the winner based on statistics and past history alone. While Kristian’s haters might have helped Yvette in the past, Jezebelle’s haters did the same with Roselle early in the tournament. Since they both have haters and fans, it will depend on both this chapter and how many voters come out to vote this time around.  Who will snatch another win and move up higher on the rankings? The wolf in dog’s skin or the deceptive butterfly?

roselle   VS  BaileyJoseph


Even though Roselle and the odd couple haven’t even spoken in the story, they do have the same amount of winnings so far. Roselle might have taken on harder opponents but Bailey/Joseph Cruz haven’t exactly reached their peak yet unlike Roselle. Ever since her lost to Jordan, Roselle hasn’t been doing very well at all. Actually, she has been doing poorly in comparison to early in the competition. Will Bailey and Joseph be able to take advantage of this or is it not their time to shine yet?  

kirk   VS   Mary-Lou


While Kirk represents the darker side of high school, Mary-Lou is symbolic of the brighter side of life in general. That is not the reason why they are featured here however. Out of all the characters, Kirk and Mary-Lou along with May/Mai and Cash should be getting the medal for most improved. Kirk and Cash climb the chart rapidly with Mary-Lou and May/Mai on their tails. However, if Mary-Lou and May/Mai want to be where Cash and Kirk are right now, they have to prove themselves against those two frontrunners. Now is the chance for Mary-Lou to take Kirk down and stop his speedy uphill. Can the future nurse accomplish this or will she have to fall a little short of her perfect slope so far?

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