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Though it was an extremely close match, Kristian manages to slip past his girlfriend Rin in the last match~

Though it was an extremely close match, Kristian manages to slip past his girlfriend Rin in the last match~

I like how the chart looks right now. XD It looks like everyone is organized in pairs when I didn’t mean to make it that way. Jordan and Jin are holding #1 and #2 seeds respectively. Jezebelle and Wendy are holding #3 and #4 seeds. Kristian and Rin are holding #5 and #6 seeds. Yvette and Roselle are holding #7 and #8 seeds. Why are most of these pairs homosexual? XD As of now, the top 15 are pretty solid in their standings. It is that pesky #16 spot that keeps switching off and on between Vance and Cash. =X We’ll see which 16 makes it by the end of Round 63. ^^

Round 28/29 are not too exciting… which makes me sad because I want exciting rounds after this chapter. Oh well. What can I do? Remember. Just because it doesn’t look exciting doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote. The last time that happened one of the undefeated favorites lost. If more people had voted, that character wouldn’t have lost in that round. ^_^ Not saying who though~ So please vote for Rounds 28 and 29! Thank you!

For all you who've been waiting for some JezJin, here is the chapter~

For all you who've been waiting for some JezJin, here is the chapter~

It took me a while to organize this chapter because my motivation went poof and my brain blanked out on what message I want from this chapter. I believe it is because it is CHAPTER 57. You know what that means. This is the chapter I believe I stopped on for New Era, which means if I finish Chapter 58, I have past a very important achievement in my life. T_T If I can actually finish GG at around 80/90 chapters, I’ll be so happy. 🙂 Let’s see if I can do this~

Featured Matches:

Round 28

Victoria   VS   BaileyJoseph


Victoria and Bailey might have been friends once but not anymore, or at least, on the surface. Ever since Bailey quitted the Populars, she has been seen as an eyesore instead of an angelic beauty like she was once called in the eyes of the public. Little did Bailey know, Victoria has a couple of secrets of her own that she doesn’t want to share. Unlike in the story, they are side by side in the standings with around the same voting percentage. For both of them, losing won’t affect their standings much, though it would hurt their chances against the harder opponents in the tournament. Which Popular girl will snatch this win? The one with or without a boyfriend? 

Sophronia   VS   Grim

#22 SOPHRONIA STEVENS (18-9) VS #11 GRIM (22-5)

If there is one thing to describe Grim in this competition, it is ‘unpredictable’. Sometimes, he takes down some of the toughest opponents in the competitions. At other times, he loses to some unexpected opponents who ranked much lower than him. If he keeps being this inconsistent, he might slipped out of the top sixteen with time. As for Sophronia, she has been doing well in the competition by taking it easy and grabbing any wins she can- something that is very like her. With the pace she is going, there is a high chance of her making the top sixteen, at the expense of a couple of frontrunners in the beginning. Things are not looking good for Grim as Sophronia finishes her arc and challenges him to a match. How will this play out between these two fine tennis players? 

Round 29

kristian3   VS   Wendy2


Last round, Kristian should have lost two rounds in a row to the hands of Eunice and Rin according to voting calculations, but instead, he managed to break through and win both of them with incredible voting percentages. This chapter, he has yet another hard opponent to deal with, Wendy Wilshire. For a minor character, Wendy has shown to be one of the favorites to win this whole tournament right from the start. However, she has lost a surprising match a few weeks ago in the hands of Tiffany Wu, who is right now climbing the charts to join the rest of the major characters in the top sixteen. If Wendy’s not careful, she might be going downhill from here on out. Kristian’s not going to be easy though as he’s proven time and time again to win big when the time comes for it. With Wendy’s recent screen time though, can she pull this off? Who will come out on top- the favorite underdog or the smart wolf?

fi21   VS   Vance2

#3 JEZEBELLE TILLY (26-1) VS #16 VANCE GRAY (19-8)

If there are two characters this chapter focused on besides Jin and Sophronia, they are Jezebelle and Vance. Although Jezebelle has been doing very well recently, Vance has not. Every time he’s up against a major character in this tournament so far, he has lost the match in a landslide. Unfortunately, Vance will be taking on Jezebelle after a Jezebelle-heavy chapter, but if he can manage to cause an uproar by dethroning the Queen, he might have it in him to take on the rest of the minor characters as well as the remaining major characters he hasn’t lost to yet. Of all the major characters, Vance’s position is on the line here, with being #16 at the moment. A win against Jezebelle will move him up like no other win can (except for Jin or Jordan). How will this pale-skinned anti-social do against the likes of the smooth-skinned beauty?

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