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To GG Readers,

I have to take a moment to fangirl for the fabulous Abingdon Boys’ School. Even though I saw this PV a while ago, I rewatched/relistened it yesterday again. I was in the mood. I recently finished Chapter 57 so I was in the mood for something to lighten my mood. If there is one PV that makes you really want to know how to dance and do so, it’s this one. Somehow, they made a whole PV about people clapping and dancing and make it exciting to watch/listen/dance to. That takes real skills IMO. I managed to not only convert 3 of my close friends into loving ABS but to make them love it enough to check out every anime that has an ABS OP. XD

Though JAP is pretty darn awesome, it will never replace Howling in my heart. 🙂 If you guys recall correctly, Howling by Abingdon Schools Boys was I believe my 11th favorite anime OP of all time (probably 12th now)? I mean, in Howling, they were in this dark room with nothing else but them and instruments really but you can just feel the energy coming out of the screen. ^_^ Of course, the PV itself is not epic as JAP but you have to give it credit when the lead singer Takanori takes off his glasses and starts howling. XD It must have really hurt his voice to howl like that. 😛 And of course, he does it again at the end of the PV. Best way to end a song. ^^;;

In terms of voice alone, Takanori is way up there with my favorite voices Gackt (awful dancer but sexy singer) and Hyde (who I personally consider has the greatest Japanese voice ever) from L’Arc en Ciel and EVANESCENT. Of course, I can’t really count out the singer from Uverworld either since they are responsible for my favorite OP of all time, Colors of the Heart, but his voice isn’t the best out there. XD Oh, I love WANDS and access too… blah, too many good boy bands out there. 😛

Koala, a present to you on what we talked at the Hawaiin Restaurant the other day (two vids to prove that it is in all the vids online right now):

If this is really the official song on the album that I would love to buy because I adore Jason Mraz with my entire heart, Jason Mraz full out admit that he’s a closet otaku in disguise. XD It is about time Jason Mraz admits to his inner anime lover side! <333333333333333 🙂 And of course, besides the K-ON sounds, the song is beautiful like always. It is Jason Mraz after all~ ^^ Loves him ❤

For the chapter itself, I lied Koala. I didn’t get all of Tuesday done in one chapter but I got most of it written in Chapter 58, so there’s a good chance that there’ll be some Tuesday and some Wednesday for Chapter 59. Don’t school days feel longer with more drama in GG than it does in real life? XD

‘Also, I haven’t really noticed this before but we’re actually getting to the climax at a reasonable pace. Of course, this will require me to cut out a couple of character arcs but it should be fine.  I’ll make sure to keep the crucial ones and of course, the ones I really like. Either that or I’ll have to squeeze multiple ones in less chapters. It’s possible if I work less with the main plot and more on the side plot. How does that sound? ^_^;;;;

That’s the first option above. The second option is of course to just have a lot of chapters. Looking at the calender now, I don’t think it’s reasonably possible for me to finish GG before January 1st unless GG is set at 90 chapters and I continue my 2 chapters (maybe 3 if I’m good like that last week) per week pace. I have this weird feeling that GG will be more than 90 chapters now… 

Last but not least, I made it! I wrote Chapter 58! My newest record! Now, if GG really is 90 chapters and I somehow manage to finish it, do I really want to beat that record… Since I’m really lazy this week, there’ll only be Round 30 for this build-up chapter.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Slowly, I’ll have all the old GG chapters up in the GG page so then you don’t have to look through the entire blog or GG tags to find older chapters if you’re still catching up. I’ll have the titles listed as well to make it easier. And for those who are trying to collect GG quotes for me, this will be really helpful.

Featured Matches:

Round 30

rin1   VS   Faith


In the beginning of the tournament, a lot of readers picked out Rin Hamada as a clear favorite to win this whole thing. Rin seems to  have a lot of male fans on her side to back her up. However, she hasn’t been doing very well lately and against male characters nevertheless. Not only did she lose to Jordan Greene who is currently number one seed, she has lost to her own boyfriend Kristian Shiratori. Her next opponent in line is not exactly male but he may very well be one and an excellent opponent to test if she’s really losing her momentum lately. As a good friend of Rin’s, Faith wants to see how he does against the temporarily down girl. How is this match going to turn out between these two musicians? Is Rin losing momentum and a chance at winning this tournament? Or is she just having another bad day? 

bo   VS   Xuan Lan


If there is one thing Xuan Lan cannot surpass, it is the power of major characters. So far, she has taken on six out of the eight major characters. She has lost five out of six matches. If there is one major character she has a chance against besides Tiffany in the future, it is Bo Sungwoo. Although Bo is a formidable opponent, he is not as high-ranked as the other major characters and his screen time is not as much either. There’s a reasonable chance Xuan Lan can win this match. Will Xuan Lan be able to prove herself a worthy opponent and win this round? Or will she simply stay the cute minor character in the background?

Cory   VS   Sherry


While Cory seems to be falling lower on the list, Sherry is climbing up rapidly. Cory used to be all about green. Sherry used to be all about red. Right now though, they are both in the lower green section, hoping to be in the top sixteen near the end of the tournament for the Double Elimination Rounds. However, to have a shot at landing there, they must beat one another to prove their worth against the top sixteen that is already. Who will take a step toward the top green?

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