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To GG Readers,

Congrats Xuan Lan for winning her match against Bo~

Congrats Xuan Lan for winning her match against Bo~

I manage to stretch the Tuesday evening events so much that I don’t have to worry about forcing the beginning of Wednesday in the same chapter. Chapter 59 turned out well in the end. Actually, Wednesday is quite an exciting day so it will definitely be 2-3 chapters (though I won’t type it much this week because I have so much school work!). I don’t think I can fit all of Wednesday in a chapter. Again, I think after this week, GG will begin skipping around. It’s only the first month that’s really important day-by-day because Jezebelle told Jin he would be the most popular boy in school within a month and she did it. In other words, expect Saturday or Sunday the last day of this day-by-day accounts!

Since this is a somewhat exciting chapter, we have two rounds for you~ Round 31 and 32! I’ll try to keep this two-round thing consistent though I doubt it with school and work and blogging @_@ I’m so busy! I have to force myself two chapters a week for GG though or else I won’t make the deadline… By the way, GG is now 90 chapters instead of 80. I keep changing it! Sorry~ Please vote after the chapter!! ❤

Featured Matches:

Round 31

david   VS   Cash

#15 DAVID SHIN (22-8) VS #14 CASH GRAHAMS (22-8)

This match is crucial in both David and Cash’s records. Although David is one of the frontrunners in the competition early on, he has been losing momentum lately by losing matches against opponents he should have won against. All of this has dragged him down to a sketchy fifteenth place. Cash has been in a slump lately too, except he has been working very hard to climb to the top sixteen. After all that hard work, will he kiss the top sixteen goodbye thanks to David (assuming Kirk will win his matches)? Or will David prove that having an arc finished so early in the story be  his downfall?

Yvette   VS   Grim

#7 YVETTE KWAN (27-3) VS #13 GRIM (24-6)

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Round 32

jin4   VS   kristian3


Do not look at the seeds. Do not look at the winnings. Do not look at the voting percentages. None of that will help in determining this match. Although Jin is currently undeafeated along his best friend Jordan, he is far from winning this whole tournament. For one thing, he has a relatively easy schedule so far in comparison to Kristian since he’s only been up against Vance. With the exception of Bo and Jordan, Kristian has been up against every single major character and hard early characters so far (like Wendy), only losing to Jezebelle Tilly by a small margin. His other loss is to none other than the surprise of the competition Yvette Kwan. If there is one reason Jin should be thankful for, it is him taking down Yvette Kwan a few rounds ago. However, nothing is predictable in this competition. Jin might be the current king of the school but it is time for him to face his hardest opponent yet. This is one rivalry that doesn’t end in the story. Who will come out victorious? Rin’s best friend or boyfriend? 

Tiffany   VS   Sherry

#25 TIFFANY WU (19-11) VS #27 SHERRY LEE (18-12)

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