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To GG Readers,

Congrats to Sherry for her wins over Tiffany and Jordan~

Congrats to Sherry for her wins over Tiffany and Jordan~

First off, it’s been over A YEAR since I started Gorgeous Geek!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~ I know 62 chapters within 12 months is horrible but give me a break guys T___T I have work and school and anime and a life! </3 Anyways, unless GG is over 90 chapters, GG will be ending by December…. I hope.

Sorry that the chapter is out so late this week~ Truthfully, I have 2 tests, 5 essays, 3 assignments, and lots of reading due last week. This is what happens when I decide to take a lot of English classes. I don’t mind so much two of the English classes but I have to endure Beowulf/Chaucer and in the future, Paradise Lost by Milton in my Brit Lit class. I really don’t like… Brit Lit… to be honest, I don’t remember why I picked the class. I believe it’s because it’s convenient for my class schedule. Bad Minnie. 😦 I should have taken that Shakespeare class instead! Grrrr..

Anyways, this is another one of those important chapters~ My story is pretty predictable sometimes. The plot has high and low points. The build up chapters are the low points. The conclusion of the day is usually the high point. Sometimes, it’s the other way around like that one day where the twins spread about Frida/Jin. This time though, it’s predictable in that it’s the later part of the day again. 😛 Since I’m really satisfied with this chapter, I don’t know when I’ll write the next chapter since I have a short story I have due soon and a short story I’m working on for fun. But knowing me, even though Chapter 62 is finish and I’m satisfied with its conclusion, I’ll write Chapter 63 soon. 😛 If I do disappear and not finish GG, blame it on Koala! Blameeeee~

After I saw this picture of Jin's RL dude, I have to post it~ He reminds me of Gamer Jin! <3

Gamer Jin~

After I saw this picture of Jin’s RL dude, I have to post it~ He reminds me of Gamer Jin! ❤ It’s quite fitting because Gamer Jin will get some screen time this chapter. Of course, now I have to compare him to Normal Jin with a new picture I find of him. Personally, I love Normal Jin more but I know a lot of my readers adore Gamer Jin. XD Compare picture above to:


Normal Jin <3

Normal Jin ❤

Blah, I’ve been on a rampage of finding some more pictures of Jin Song. >///< I don’t know about the RL dude’s personality but Jin is so adorkable~ He’s almost as adorkable as Jin Akanishi! Sigh~ Though, I’ll try my best to not be such a Jin fangirl. It’s terrible because I’m his creator and I shouldn’t be so fond of one character over the others. Hopefully, it’s not because of my favoritism for Jin that he’s still undefeated while everyone else has at least one lost so far in the tournament… OH RIGHT! Round 35/36!! Vote people~

Since there is only one undefeated character left, here is the list of the top 9’s losses so far in order:

1. Jin Song (34-0); No Losses
2. Jezebelle Phoebe Tilly (33-1); Lost to Roselle Young (#7)
3. Jordan Greene (33-1); Lost to Sherry Lee (#22)
4. Rin Hamada (32-2); Lost to Jordan Greene (#3) and Kristian Shiratori (#6)
5. Wendy Wilshire (32-2); Lost to Tiffany Wu (#28) and Kristian Shiratori (#6)
6. Kristian Shiratori (31-3); Lost to Jin Song (#1), Jezebelle Tilly (#2), and Yvette Kwan (#8)
7. Roselle Young (31-3); Lost to Jin Song (#1), Jordan Greene (#3), and Yvette Kwan (#8)
8. Yvette Kwan (29-5); Lost to Jin Song (#1), Xuan Lan Nguyen (#23), Grim (#12), Faith Santana (#10), and Crystal Shiratori (#21)
9. Bo Sungwoo (29-5); Lost to Rin Hamada (#4), Jordan Greene (#3), Xuan Lan Nguyen (#23), Wendy Wilshire (#5), and Roselle Young (#7)

Featured Matches:

Round 35

Wendy2 VS   Crystal


Even though Wendy has one of the highest voting percentages in the tournament, she cannot let her guard down especially against Crystal. If there is one thing Crystal is known for in this tournament, it is her ability to defeat hard opponents when the time calls for it. Hard opponents let their guards down and underestimate her, only to taste defeat. Funnily enough, she has been losing to easier matches instead. Wendy is no easy match though. This Caucasian girl is tough and strong, very much like Crystal. They might not know each other in the context of the story but they’ll know each other well after this intense match-up. In this cat fight, which girl will be knocked out first?

11500744 VS   Sherry

JIN SONG (34-0) VS SHERRY LEE (22-12)

A week ago, a Jin versus Sherry match would  have been overlooked. After all, Sherry has lost 12 matches out of 34 while Jin  hasn’t lost a single match yet. But today, Sherry deserves the spotlight against Jin. Last match, Sherry did something thirty-three other characters couldn’t do- defeat Jordan Greene. Not only has Sherry made a name for herself by being able to win against the Number One Seed of the time, she has been winning left and right against many other tough opponents. Maybe it is time for Sherry to show what she’s made of by taking on possibly the hardest character in the entire tournament. Jin has proven time and time again that he’s the title character for a reason and there’s no way he’s going to allow the person who beat his best friend to win against him. Will the game or insect lover triumph? 

Round 36

jordan1   VS   Yvette


to be added

bo VS   Vance2


Not only are Bo and Vance major characters, they are more or less stable major characters who don’t have much screen time and character development, but are there for plot and character development purposes. Still, both Bo and Vance have made enough of an impact to do well in this tournament compared to other minor characters. Both of them have some screen time this chapter at the end but it may not be enough to determine who will be the winner of this match. Though Bo has the advantage over Vance in many ways, Vance wants to prove himself that he’s not just a one-trick pony. He can win against a major character even if he has failed so many times before. Will Vance be able to prove why he’s in this tournament or will Bo once again surprise us with another outstanding winning streak?

Tasha VS   Faith


Tasha is back in the house along with the other members of the top sixteen. Fighting against the stable Sophronia hasn’t been easy for her even if they are great friends in the story. This time, Tasha is looking up instead of down. Unlike Tasha, Faith hasn’t dropped out of the top sixteen ever and he’s not planning to any time soon. If Tasha wishes to remain in the top sixteen, she has to topple this third sex character once and for all. With any luck, Tasha will not only keep her position in the top sixteen, she can climb to Faith’s spot. There is a lot going on the line for Tasha, who has around four other characters fighting for her spot.