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To GG Readers,

Whenever I see this pic I have at my disposal, it reminds me of many couples~

Whenever I see this pic I have at my disposal, it reminds me of many GG couples~

Hello everyone! I am back with your newest chapter! It didn’t take me so long to finish Chapter 64, did it? Hopefully not. I’m trying to go back to my consistent ways of updating a new GG chapter every Friday. I hope it stays like this. Actually, I hope I can keep up with my two chapters/week schedule. If I do, I should be able to finish GG by December. Then, I can start on Classy and Cool (aka CC or C & C). Classy and Cool is actually pretty short and almost episodic so I should be able to finish Honey Pie at the same time since that story is short too. I’ve received a lot of requests asking for the GG cast to appear again elsewhere and as much as I like to write a comedy spinoff of it (most of you probably don’t know this but I can actually draw Peanut-style drawings if I want to), I’m not a funny enough person to start and continue something like that for long. XD

IMPORTANT: If you are one of those people who are STARTING GG, please go to the GORGEOUS GEEK PAGE for the first 40 uploaded chapters. I will keep writing this warning until you guys get it.

More importantly, Rounds 37/38 are done this week! Hurray~ I like these rounds because it features one of the most important matches in the whole competition. Look below to see which one it is!

FEATURED MATCHES (Note: Since I haven’t calculated for 35/36 yet, it is still set at 34 matches)

Round 37

Eunice2 VS Sherry


Even though both of these young ladies are in the lower green area of the charts (#17-32), they both have high chances of making the top sixteen if they keep up their momentum and hope for the current top sixteen to lose theirs. If there’s been one big winner lately, it is none other than Korean girl Sherry Lee who is doing stunningly well lately. She has climbed the charts five spots at one point! This time, Sherry has to take on one of the higher seeds- Eunice Hong.  This won’t be an easy match for Sherry for many reasons. One, Eunice’s arc has been completed recently and that is always helpful when it comes to important matches like this. Two, Eunice has been consistently good. She hasn’t been incredibly good or bad. Eunice is actually one of the most consistent characters in this tournament since she takes out opponents that she can handle and loses to opponents who has proven to be too tough for a minor character like her. This time, Eunice and Sherry will face against one of the hardest minor characters in each other. What will be the outcome? Will it be another point for the Asian Gossip Girls or the Button Cuties? 

Victoria VS Faith


to be added

Round 38

jin VS jordan1


In the earliest rounds of the tournament, Jin Song hasn’t lost a single vote to anybody. Eventually though, Jin starts to lose votes against various characters here and there, but never enough to lose the match. Meanwhile, Jordan Greene has been pretty much under the rador in comparison to his fellow major characters. He shocks readers everywhere when he takes out Bo Sungwoo, an early favorite. His winning streak didn’t end, not even when faced against hard opponents like Rin Hamada or Roselle Young. Eventually though, his fans have been too secure with him winning… to the point that he lost his first match a few rounds ago to unexpected opponent Sherry Lee. Unlike Jordan though, Jin’s fans never seem to stop supporting him since he still hasn’t lost. Out of all the contestants in the competition, Jin has by far the highest voting percentage, almost to the point of securing his crown as the character to win it all. If Jordan wants to prove his worth, he has to be the one to stop this geek in his place. Even without his obvious crush on Jin, Jordan will have to hope for a miracle to turn the tables on Jin. Will Jin’s current best friend win against him and show him his true worth? Or will Jin prove for the 38th time why he’s the title character? Please keep in mind that if Jin loses, he will be second to Jezebelle Tilly but if Jordan loses, he will join Rin and Wendy in the slightly lower decks.

rin2 VS Crystal


If there is a trend so far in Rin’s streak, it is the fact that she has never lost to a female character. She has only lost twice in this whole tournament and both of them were to male characters (Jordan and Kristian respectively). Looking closely, Rin actually gets more votes whenever she goes up against a female character for whatever reason. This time, she is up against the unpredictable Crystal Shiratori. Do not let Crystal’s losses fool you- she has upset many hard opponents this tournament. Crystal simply has a knack for taking out unexpected opponents as well as losing to unexpected opponents. For this match, it is expected for Rin to win. Everything is on her side. However, this may the chance Crystal has been looking for. What is better than taking the Queen of Tsunderes down in an unexpected victory of doom?

Tasha VS roselle


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