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To GG Readers,

Congrats to Eunice for winning against Faith~

Congrats to Eunice for winning against Faith~

There are 63 Rounds in all before the Double Eliminations. Since we’re closing in on the end (sort of), every time I update the graph, I’ll try to include the top 32 here as well just so most of you can see the progress made. This week has a couple of weird changes so here are the results up to Round 38:

1. Jin Song (38-0)
2. Jezebelle Tilly (37-1)
3. Rin Hamada (36-2)
4. Jordan Greene (35-3)
5. Kristian Shiratori (35-3)
6. Wendy Wilshire (35-3)
7. Roselle Young (35-3)
8. Yvette Kwan (33-5)
9. Bo Sungwoo (33-5)
10. Grim (32-6)
11. Bailey/Joseph Cruz (31-7)
12. Faith Santana (30-8)
13. Victoria Hopkins (30-8)
14. Kirk Kelly (28-10)
15. David Shin (28-10)
16. Tasha Chanthachem (27-11)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Double Elimination
17. Vance Gray (27-11)
18. Cash Grahams (26-12)
19. Eunice Hong (26-12)
20. Crystal Shiratori (26-12)
21. Sophronia Stevens (25-13)
22. Sherry Lee (25-13)
23. Xuan Lan Nguyen (25-13)
24. Venus Hermosa (25-13)
25. Juliet Heart (24-14)
26. Alejandro Medina (24-14)
27. Shuijin Song (24-14)
28. Tiffany Wu (23-15)
29. Frida Fernandez (23-15)
30. May/Mai (21-17)
31. Robbie/Jojo Gapusan (21-17)
32. Mary-Lou Martinez (21-17)

I don’t even know how I have time to finish this chapter but I did right before all the workload I am bombarded with this week. I don’t know what it is about Gorgeous Geek but I haven’t lost inspiration for it yet. I thought I might by now but whatever. It’s better for you guys right? Chapter 65 is actually not a build up chapter! Breaking the trend I know! It’s actually an arc chapter. I believe in a couple of chapters, we’ll be skipping around since this story does go through most of the school year. It will be arc fest for a while until the plot comes back? Anyways, please vote for Round 39. ^^ I appreciate all the votes last round~

EDIT: Minnie will be going on break from GG until further notice. I might type up more GG and draw some GG jokes with my horrible drawing skills during this break but I’ll most likely not be posting any new chapters for a bit. This may last for less than a week to much longer. I’m not sure yet. Expect updates on other things though! 

Featured Matches:

jin   VS   Wendy2


Not only does Jin Song reign supreme at Wilson High, he is doing the same in this character tournament. Jin has proven himself again and again that he can take on both minor and major characters- finished arc, abundant screentime, or more. There hasn’t been a character who has come close to Jin’s high voting percentage after 38 rounds. Keep in mind that with enough votes, anything can happen. For instant, Wendy Wilshire is up to the challenge of taking on the protagonist of Gorgeous Geek this round. Wendy has one of the hugest reputation to maintain- a recurring minor character who is able to take on many hard opponents and survive with huge margins. If there is one characteristic Wendy has, it’s pride. She won’t lose to her boyfriend Cash. She won’t lose to her rival Victoria. Actually, she won’t take any defeat lightly, especially if it means she’ll be further away from her leader Jezebelle Tilly and her most loathed ‘opponent’ Jordan Greene. Is pride and reputation enough to help Wendy through this match? Will she add a huge upset against Jin to her list of incredible feats? Or will Wendy come short of the prize like in love… again?

Victoria   VS   Cash


Cash wants in and he wants in badly. After his momentum, he has been in and out of the top sixteen for many rounds now. Cash has nothing against Victoria personally. He simply needs to win his next couple of rounds and hopes Tasha Chanthachem stumble along the way to get himself back where it counts. However, Victoria is not an opponent Cash can take lightly. If this girl can live through poverty and hunger, she can live through anything. Though another loss on her hands won’t knock her out of the top sixteen yet, Victoria will gradually slip down this slope if she continues to be this inconsistent in her matches. It’s a battle between the Populars and the Pimp Juice, except this time with their two most successful candidates? Which representative will make their group proud? 

BaileyJoseph    VS  Tasha


Since Cash is out to get her, Tasha must not let her guard, especially not against the dynamic duo. Bailey and Joseph Cruz may not have the highest voting percentages, consistent voters, huge fans, an arc yet to back them up, lots of screen time, or even a chance of winning the whole thing, but they do have each other and the power to keep themselves in the top sixteen no matter what. The chances of them being in the Double Elimination Rounds are almost a sure thing at this point. Furthermore, they rarely lose out to someone of a lower seed than them. Tasha might be in trouble here against such fierce opponents and with Cash, Vance, Eunice, and Crystal trying to steal her spot, Tasha must not mess up this round or the next round or else, fall out once more. Will this fairy tale princess keep her position or be overthrown by a noble couple?