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To GG Readers,

First of all, for my readers that are frequent MSN people, I’ve asked you guys to list your favorite characters in order with no limit on how many you can list. After weighing order AND frequency, I’ve come up with your top 20 characters for both male and female. Please enjoy~ For many of them, I ask for quotes as well as some from myself for characters I didn’t get quotes from. ALL QUOTES ARE ANONYMOUS and WORDED BY ME TO MAKE IT LOOK BETTER IN PARAGRAPH FORMAT.


20) Teddy Yuan from Sweet Heart and Honey Pie

“Omg. Teddy. I love Teddy <333333333 I don’t know why I love Teddy. I just do. I guess it’s because he’s a social butterfly who gets along with everybody, but there’s always a side of him that is worried about his sisters Jamie and Cookie. He’s just so cute…”

19) Takato Chan from Change of Decade and Finale

“I like white-haired bishies. Joking. Let’s see… Takato is my favorite because he is the losing underdog in a love triangle that everyone must love. He loves Selena unselfishly. Whenever she cries over Soraki, he is the first one she comes to and he always comforts her without asking anything in return. Aside from that, his back story is so sad too. He’s cursed with immortality, but he’s always so sweet and gentlemanly to all his students and trainees without showing his pain. I want to hug Takato. 😦 ”

18) Quinn Cecil Darington from Sweet Heart

“Quinn is probably my favorite character out of any book I’ve ever read simply because he’s a complicated and unique character. You can’t really place him into the category of villain, hero, or anti-hero. It’s not that simple. He makes his own category. Whenever he appears in Sweet Heart, you know he’s going to do something to move the plot along. That’s his job and he does it brilliantly. Without him, there’s no plot in Sweet Heart. Without him, there’s no one to hate or complain about. Quinn is one of the few male characters who I’ve both hated and loved and grew to respect by the end of Sweet Heart.”

17) Dash Antonia from Spirits New Era

“Dash Antonia is fun. Dash brings a lot of comedy and heart to the story. When he’s not picking locks and crashing at people’s houses without permission, he’s off on some mission for Rosy. That’s one of the reasons why I love him so much. He’s such a loyal, playful partner to Rosy, even when she’s abusing him for the fun of it. And did I mention that he loves fruits like I do? Dash is just so awesome for words.”

16) KT Shiratori from Sweet Heart and Honey Pie

“KT might not be my favorite character of all time but there’s no way I can’t not have him on my list. KT’s judgmental narration sets up the rest of Sweet Heart brilliantly. He’s s flawed character and an untrustworth narrator but he is one of the reasons why Sweet Heart stands out so much. His relationship with his sisters is borderline sister complex and for whatever reason, that is awesome.”

15) Bruke Lindsey from Spirits New Era

“Bruke is my favorite New Era character because unlike everyone else, he appeals more to the common man. He is not good-looking and he is very stupid. But that is what makes him so likable. He doesn’t need looks or brains since he has a lot of heart to make up for them. Plus, you get to see him grow as both a person and an intellectual within the story instead of off screen. In other words, Bruke is the epitome of a hard worker who tones his body and mind day and night, even if he has nothing going for him in the first place. He is a person who never gives up no matter what. For that reason alone, I hope he wins Rosy over.”

14) Alvin Gardner from Spirits I and II

“There’s just one word to describe Alvin: Cool.”

13) Duke Miriam from Change of Decade

“Duke makes being an anti-social look good somehow. With his string of logic and witty comebacks, Duke is quite an interesting main character. He’s not quite stoic as some anti-heros and he’s not quite as heroic as real heroes. He’s just a regular kid who would rather study at home than save the world (or go on dates at that).”

12) Flaine from Spirits I

“Oh Flaine! I remember you! Flaine is the neat freak of a cook that no one can hate. I like him because he’s funny and the opposite of Lucas. He fights with butcher knives. Butcher knives, people.”

11) Bo Sungwoo from Gorgeous Geek

“BO <3333333333333333 I love Bo so much!! From the minute he spoke his first word in Gorgeous Geek, I loved him. He’s that adorable closet pervert that can be really gentlemanly and sweet. And man, talk about a losing battle! He’s that knight that never gets the princess (or queen) he likes. It’s so sad… and yet, you can’t help but support him in his quest. T_T Oh! He has some of the best lines in the story too! He’s hilarious~”

10) Riddle Chan from Spirits New Era

“No one can hate the drunk, especially not one like Riddle. Long live the drunk!”

9) Rogelio Roupeez from Spirits New Era

“One of the two sexy Roupeez siblings. Rogelio simply wants to rid the world of discrimination and I support his vision! And no, his smoking good looks and delicious evil words had nothing to do with it…”

8) Kristian Shiratori from Gorgeous Geek

“There’s a lot to like about Kristian. Actually, the short story is I want to steal his pants and have his children.  He takes all the awesome traits of both his parents and combine them into one. He’s so hot and he’s so smart. I love his street smarts and great sense of humor too. I just love everything about Kristian. Move aside Rin. Kristian Shiratori is mine.”

7) Carey Ace Melton from Sweet Heart

“CARAMEL! He’s the ultimate manmoe and you know how much I love my manmoes~”

6) Jordan Greene from Gorgeous Geek

“Jordan. Where do I begin? I remember reading the first chapter and not liking him very much. He appears to be another one of those popular boys in those high school dramas. But Jordan proved me wrong as the story went on. Jordan is one of those unfortunate individuals who is so trapped by societal standards that he can’t even remember what his original personality used to be like. He’s pitiful and you feel for him. Even though Gorgeous Geek hasn’t ended yet, I’m certain Jordan will grow into his new personality- one that he can be proud of to himself and to the world. In addition, his crush on Jin is too cute.”

5) Francesco Michele Romano from Sweet Heart and Gorgeous Geek

“I love guys who carry guns and manipulate people with them. That is why I love Francis.”

4) James Law from Change of Decade

“James Law is the law. He makes up his rules and then goes with it. He eats virgins for breakfast and pulls pranks on the boys. All the teachers hate him. All the commanders can’t stand him. He makes enemies everywhere but he doesn’t give a damn because he’s James Law. No one can make him do shit he doesn’t like. James Law doesn’t listen to anyone (but his sister?). I want to be like him. He’s my literary hero.”

3) Xach Roupeez from Finale

“Xach breaks the fourth wall and for that, he’s my favorite male character.”

“There’s so much to say about Xach. He’s a playboy but not. He’s the antagonist but not. Xach switches everything we know about antagonists by being original, brilliant, and quirky as heck.”

2) Lucas Yeung from Spirits I, II, III, and New Era

“Oh Lucas. You should have died so many times by now with personality of yours, but then, we’ll have no story right? There’s something appealing about the Captain of the Pirates. He’s selfless, daring, perverted, cunning, witty, messy, courageous, impulsive, and outrageous. Out of that list, courage is the number one reason why Lucas is on my list. He’s not afraid of anything. Not the government. Not the sexist society. Not storms or danger. Lucas is one of the few characters who is brave (and crazy) enough to jump off a cliff and save his shipmate and manage to live to tell the tale. Is he lucky? Is his devil may care attitude too much? Lucas is Lucas and he creates his own miracles.”

“I know many people love young Lucas but my favorite character of all time is actually older Lucas from New Era. One of my favorite flashbacks is when Lucas stops Roseanna from committing suicide. Here you have this dark girl who has nothing to live for but revenge. Yet, this strange forty-year-old man comes out of nowhere and changes her life forever within a month. He’s that convincing and amazing. Roseanna might be an awesome character but she wouldn’t be there without her godfather Lucas.”

Normal Jin <3

1) Jin-Kyong Song from Gorgeous Geek

“If there is one character who is worthy of the title best male character of all time, it is none other than the Gorgeous Geek Jin Song. It’s funny now that I have to think of a quote for Jin. He’s actuallynot that unique. There are a lot of nice and selfless male characters in anime and books, but Jin is special somehow. He is better than all those other guys. Not only is he such an inspirational and outstanding character by himself, he makes other characters awesome too. Besides that, you can’t hate Jin. It’s impossible. While other cool characters in Gorgeous Geek are hateable or controversial like Jezebelle and Kristian, Jin is the safe character everyone can love. Count me as a long-time fan. I’m boarding the Geek Squad.”

“At first, I loved Jin because he’s a video game geek. I love video games geeks! But now I love him for everything else. Jin is the first character I read that I wish existed in real life. Going to a crappy high school and suffering through all the drama, I thought about how nice it would have been to have Jin appear, change my school system, and stand up for the rest of us. Jin is such an open-minded person who can get along with everybody too. He can make friends with the jocks, the nerds, and everyone else. He makes for a loyal husband and a dutiful son-in-law as well. Is there anything wrong with this boy? Jin is simply an amazing protagonist that has the power to change his world, my world, and the fictional world. Let the Gorgeous Geek take over the world!”


20) Sophie O’Haggins from Spirits I and II

“Believe it or not, the conservative officer by Ada’s side is one of my favorite characters. Sophie is very straight to the point and humorless. She makes for an interesting foil character to both Ada and Lucas. Besides that, Sophie’s relationship with Lucas is simply so cute. It’s always cute when someone as stoic and cold as Sophie falls for her complete opposite.”

19) Padma Lovett from Spirits New Era and Spirits Change of Decade

“Happy people make for awesome characters. Padma is the happy-go-lucky thief that is way too flirtatious and spicy for her own good since Minnie has to send her away to save the story.  That’s enough for her to be on my list of favorite females.”

18) Falina Chan from Spirits New Era and Spirits Change of Decade

“Give her a whip and some snakes and SNAKE PIE!!!!! I love Falina.”

17) Wendy Wilshire from Gorgeous Geek

“There’s something awesome about Wendy I can’t really describe. She might be only ‘second-best’ to her leader Jezebelle but she is the real winner in my books. Unlike Jezebelle, she has a heart and a big one at that, especially for someone whose role is to hate. I like how she’s always looking out for her leader even when she doesn’t necessarily agree with her. Wendy is all in all a wonderful friend and sidekick who deserves way more screen time than she does now.”

16) Melantha Dian from Spirits New Era

“I used to have a huge crush on Melantha. It’s probably because she’s so damn cool in what she does. She’s the serious, gloomy one who plays off against Padma’s bright, cheerful personality. The perfect foil couple. Other than that, she has one of the best character developments in the whole story. She’s a growing character and I feel like I get to know Melantha better as the story goes on. Melantha is overall a great character.”

15) Melissa Shiratori from Sweet Heart and Gorgeous Geek

“If Mel were an anime character, she would be one of those kickass FEMGAR characters. For that, she has my vote.”

14) Cookie Yuan from Honey Pie

“I adore Cookie the minute I met her. She’s a little psycho in the head and it makes for such a unique character. Basically, her whole personality revolves around how she believes the government is after her and her boyfriend Loco. She is afraid of people and she is paranoid about everything. Yet, she still manages to give people a chance to reach out to her from time to time. It’s almost thrilling to see how strong she can be when she wants to be. Most importantly, I’m always left wondering if Cookie is more than meets the eye.”

13) Black Lady from Spirits New Era

“I know all dark ladies from this story will probably make the list but I want to give some special attention to the blackest lady of them all… literally. Black is one of those mysterious characters done right. I don’t know everything about her. What does she look like? How old is she? Who is she really? Why does she seem to hate everyone? There are so many questions surrounding her character and I want to know them all. Besides that, i respect her for being the only woman in the whole story who doesn’t like Locke. Though knowing how the story goes, he’ll win her over anyways.”

12) Michie Shiratori from Sweet Heart and Honey Pie

“The perfectest girl in the world, along with the fact that she’s an ADORABLEEEEEE little girl…”

11) Tana/Number One/Toma from Finale

“I hate it when I spoil myself or let Minnie spoil me because I know that eventually Number One is going to die. It makes her being alive all the more valuable I suppose. Number One is such a tragic character. She has the whole obedient servant going on with her Master Xach that I can’t get over. She’s always the one by his side, doing all the loose end jobs for him. But she is always short of having her unrequited feelings returned by her Master. This is why I love Number One so much. She’s that loyal servant that will do anything for her Master’s affection without asking for anything in return. The ultimate tragedy.”

10) Megami Matsuda from Sweet Heart

“Megami is such a sexy name that it’s only fitting that a sexy character will fit it. Megami is a huge bundle of fluffiness. And I love fluff.”

9) Ada Xieng from Spirits I

“It’s hard to pinpoint what I like about Ada exactly. Ada is a righteous princess that’s been done many times before. However, I still like her. She might be righteous but she’s flexible and understanding too. Her relationship with Lucas makes for one of my favorite couples ever. Without Ada, Lucas wouldn’t be as cool and popular as he is.  And Ada without Lucas is just another spunky princess in any good romance.”

8) Rebecca Law from Spirits Change of Decade

“I love tomboyish female characters and Rebecca is it. In a story with a bunch of girly girls, Rebecca really stands out. I enjoy her protests on animal rights and short skirts. Also, ironically, this tomboyish girl is also the mother figure to most of the male cast in the story. It’s Rebecca’s motherly side that is so endearing at times. She’s really the pillar of support for all of them. Rebecca should be the heroine of Change of Decade instead of Duke. Enough said.”

7) Hien Thu Tran from Sweet Heart

“Hien has a sharp tongue and she’s not afraid to use it. I wish I can be more like her.”

6) Jezebelle Phoebe Tilly from Gorgeous Geek

“Jezebelle is one of the most polarizing characters I have ever read. She’s bitchy, selfish, and heartless. She does everything for her own profit. Why do I love her so much then? Because she makes taking over the school (and the world eventually) look so damn easy. That takes mad skills.”

5) Aesa Spirits from Finale

“Aesa! Similar to Jin, Aesa is a character that inspires hope and love in people. With her innocence and childlike personality, Aesa is able to see the good in everyone. It’s nice to have someone as cute as her in a world full of cynics and pessimists. Besides that, girls who carry around teddy bears and have imaginary friends are just asking to be loved.”

4) Russ/Rufina from Spirits I

“Let’s see. Russ is a crossdresser. She’s cute and blunt. She’s short and muddy. She has to hide her gender from all her friends because she believes they will hate her once they find out. How can you not like Russ?”

3) Rin Hamada from Gorgeous Geek

“If anyone deserves a harem of men, it’s Rin Hamada. While Jezebelle has the brains and looks, Rin has neither of those and still manages to gather attention from all the boys around her. It’s weird because compared to Jezebelle and a couple of the other girls, Rin is actually relatively normal. That’s probably why I love her so much. She’s so easy to relate to. She’s just like you and me except… with a harem?”

“Rin Hamada is one of my favorite characters of all time is because she is so imperfect. I’ll explain. From the beginning, Rin gives us a strong impression of her personality. She is cynical and she believes that all high school boys are either stupid or horny. She studies very hard for her grades because she wants to get into Harvard. It’s pretty clearcut who she is and what she wants. But she moves past that and becomes a more three-dimensional character. After she dates Kristian, she shows many vulnerable sides of her that I didn’t notice before. She makes mistakes all the time. She uses the other boys who love her to comfort her in times of need. She’s also selfish and childish. However, it is because of all these faults that she feels so real to me. You know what she’s going through. You can relate to her on a personal level. That is where Rin’s attraction lies. She is like every girl in love out there who is trying to adjust to her first relationship.”

2) Roseanna Roupeez from Spirits New Era

“Roseanna makes for the perfect anti-hero. She’s not fighting the antagonist because she wants to save the world. Oh no. Rosy is not that noble. Instead, she’s doing it out of vengence.  Roseanna will do whatever it takes to kill her half-brother Rogelio in the name of her dead parents. I like Rosy because she is an empowering woman figure who makes use of what she has to get what she wants. She’s not afraid to fight for what she believes in and she’s not afraid to use less than conventional means to get it. I like how strong she is mentally too. Roseanna knows exactly who she is and what she’s fighting for. There’s never a question to where her allegiance lies. She doesn’t doubt herself or her beliefs. I admire that and I think she’s just plain awesome for being different.”

“Roseanna is full of contradictions and I love it. She’s cute but not. She’s evil but not. She’s your average avenger but not. To put it simply, Roseanna is a brilliant mastermind and tactician who is able to manipulate everyone and everything around her for her own agenda. And all her readers support her for her quest of vengence. If that’s not sexy and cool, I don’t know what is.”


1) Jamie Yuan from Sweet Heart and Honey Pie

“One of my favorite female characters of all time is a girl who answers everything with either a “Yes” or “No”. Jamie Yuan is what I call a show, not tell type of person. She doesn’t tell you she’s mad at you. Hell, she doesn’t even show it on her face! You can sense from her body language she’s mad at you. That’s how magical Jamie is. Jamie proves that hot-tempered, loud charcters are overrated and that less is more. You don’t have to say more than one word to have people respect and listen to you. You don’t have to fight physically or even verbally to win a fight. Jamie is the master of this. Jamie has such strong mental control over her emotions that she seems so… unreal at times. I guess she’s simply incredible for being herself.”

“Jamie is one of the strongest female character I have ever read. She really is the epitome of a powerful woman, especially in literature where male characters dominate. How is Jamie powerful? First of all, Jamie really doesn’t have the normal conventions feminists look for in female characters. She’s not physically strong and she’s not going against what society thinks of women. She’s not out there taking on two jobs or raising a child as a single parent. And she’s not crazy smart or dominating either. Actually, she even furthers the stereotype that women have to be perfect housewives, something feminists hate so much. Isn’t that what Jamie is? A perfect housewife? However, this is why she’s worthy of topping my list. Even though she’s a housewife, she doesn’t degrade women like most housewives do in literature. She glorifies them actually. Jamie manages to cook and clean, attend community college, take on a night job, and tend to all her boyfriend’s needs. Despite this, she is not submissive or weak at all. Kevin and later KT might be physically stronger than her but she controls them, not the other way around. She is powerful because she has a voice (the irony since she hardly speaks). She has a mind of her own and she doesn’t let any male step all over her. She is a pro at what she does best and she doesn’t hesitate to show that even women can be strong without being ferocious/nasty. Literature needs more female characters like Jamie.”

I know Chapter 66 didn’t fully cover Saturday in the GG timeline, but I won’t have time to type up Chapter 67 until the weekend. Expect Chapter 67 to be out on Friday to Monday of this week since my break is officially over. As for my break, it was very unproductive and I can only think of GG anyways. 😦 I already explained why to Koala. I know these two rounds of the tournament is boring but please vote in Round 40 and 41 since if you don’t, usually there are unusual upsets (not that I mind…).

Featured Matches:

Round 40

Vance2 VS   jordan1

Vance Miles Gray (27-11) vs Jordan Greene (35-3)

Vance is very unhappy with his record for the tournament thus far. Not only is he the only major GG male character who didn’t make the worldwide survey, he is the one with the worst record out of the bunch. However, here is Vance’s last chance to redeem himself against one of the hardest opponent in the whole tournament. Jordan Greene is the dark horse of the competition, causing upsets against more favorable opponents. Lately though, Jordan hasn’t been so hot. Jordan may admit his lost to Jin, the most popular GG character at the moment, but not to his other opponents- Sherry and Yvette. Is the Greene winning streak coming to a halt? Will Vance take this one last chance to beat the other Caucasian boy in the major cast? Or will Jordan prove why he’s still in it to win it?

Jennifer VS   Eunice2

Jennifer Yang (20-18) vs Eunice Hong (26-12)

Compared to Eunice, her friends Jennifer and Tiffany are not doing so well in the competition. While Tiffany goes back and forth between seeds, Jennifer has been slipping lower and lower with every new round. On the other hand, Eunice has been slowly climbing the charts, more so after her arc. Eunice is the obvious, more favored character in this match-up but since most voters vote for either both girls or neither, this is still an interesting match to watch. Two ex-Asian Gossip Girls are up against one another. Two best friends will fight it out. Who will snatch this victor and prove to be the better gossiper?

david VS kirk

David Shin (28-10) vs Kirk Kelly (28-10)

David Shin and Kirk Kelly have taken two very different paths to be where they are today. Both of them are safe in the top sixteen at the moment, even if they lose this round. However, this match is a matter of pride more than anything. David has been in the top sixteen since the beginning of the tournament while Kirk had to work his way up to the top sixteen after his arc. While Kirk seems to be moving up, David has been falling down. David has been losing against opponents that he should have won against, while vice versa for Kirk. Does this mean having an early arc will hurt your chances later in the competition? The outcome of this match might give the answer to that question.

Victoria VS   Sophronia

Victoria Hopkins (30-8) vs Sophronia Stevens (25-13)

to be added

Round 41

Xuan Lan VS   Venus

Xuan Lan Nguyen (25-13) vs Venus Hermosa (25-13)

Besides being homosexual, Venus has one winning move over the rest of the tennis girls- she hasn’t finished her arc yet. Despite not even touching her arc, Venus is doing extremely well for herself. Actually, for a girl lacking screen time, it is quite a feat that she is tied in wins and losses against Xuan Lan. Venus has survived hard matches before and she might be able to do it again against one of her teammates. On the other hand, Xuan Lan has surprised readers many times before though. For example, she took down Bo Sungwoo a few rounds ago even though many thought Bo would win that match. The lolita might have a trick up her sleeve against Venus and her voting percentage is higher. Which tennis girl will win this set? The cute lolita or the flirtatious lesbian?

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